Monday, November 19, 2012

It's hard to believe I have been doing CrossFit religiously for eight weeks!  I can tell such a difference in my clothes and in my fitness - meaning, I'm nowhere near as out of breath going up the stairs or anything like I used to.  My legs just feel stronger too, whenever I walk.  I must admit I am very proud of myself - usually I convince myself to stop or life gets in the way - but not this time.  I have only missed three workouts since starting eight weeks ago.  Two of those were from like the second week and my husband surprised me with an out of town trip and the other one was from last week when I was having back issues.  All in all, VERY proud!

Today's workout doesn't sound hard, which means I will probably be exhausted before it's done!  lol

For time, 7 rounds of:
   12 Thrusters w/20 lbs
   9 Knees to Elbows
   Run 200 meters (.124/mile)

I'll post my updated measurements later when I post my workout time.  :)
******************************************************************************** sinus issue yesterday has turned into fever and chills today.  Saving this workout!  :(

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