Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Looks like a run day today...AARRGGHH!!  Just kidding, I know I need to run AND my running has improved AND I enjoy seeing my progress, I just wish I could breathe while running!! lol 

I am surprisingly not very sore today - I figured my newly discovered muscles in my back/shoulder area (from using my new bar yesterday) would be sore, but they actually are not.  The one place I am sore is on my right side, just above my hip area.  Not sure what that is from, unless it's the knees to elbows that I attempted to do yesterday.  It's not super sore, just a certain movement I make lets me know it's there.

Today's workout is for time, 4 rounds of:
   8 Deadlifts w/50 lbs
   16 Burpees
   15 Walking Lunges
   Run 600 meters (.37/mile)

I will attempt Burpees again (I'm going to master those suckers one day!), but if I can't do them correctly then I will sort of go through the Burpee motion - pushup, squat, and jump straight up.  I will run as much as possible on my treadmill, and will walk whatever I cannot run.  I might even throw in biking, not sure.  Let me see how I feel on my treadmill.
34:19 of pure, screaming HELL!!!!  Guess what?  I BURPEED!!!!  SO proud of me!  They weren't  perfect, but they were burpees!!  They took me forever, but THEY WERE BURPEES!!!  :)

50 lb deadlifts and I rode my bike for 1/2 mile each round at 5 resistance and never less than 18/mph.  I'm huffing and puffing, sweating like a dog, but I DID IT!!  I'm calling my version of burpees "Berta Burpees".  I'm sure y'all would die laughing at me while I did them, but I did it!  :)