Sunday, November 18, 2012

I just did Wednesday's workout - WOW!  That was a GREAT one!  Just to refresh your memory, for time I had to:
   Run 500 meters (.31/mile)
   50 - box jumps
          push ups
         back extensions
         bench dips
   20 burpees

Well...35:22 - I'll take it!  SO PROUD OF ME.....I ran a full 1/4 mile at 4.5/mph WITHOUT stopping!  I tried to continue, but could only run more block segment into the next 1/4 mile and I slowed to a 3.0/mph walk for the remainder.  It is SO hard to workout with sinus issues - I kept coughing and gagging due to sinuses draining in my throat.  That got old real quick.

I raised my aerobic step to 9 inches for the box jumps - first time EVER that I could do 9 in. box jumps - another ACCOMPLISHMENT!

My pushups still need a lot of work - I could only do 25 before having to rest, so I did 10 back extensions during my rest period, then 10 pushups, 10 back extensions, 15 pushups and 10 more back extensions.

My situps are improving!  I can do so much better on my weight bench than on the floor.  I actually did 29 situps and took a quick pause (for coughing!) then finished them up!  My stomach muscles were burning!

I did kettlebells with a 15.5 lb dumbbell - super easy!  I tried to finish up my back extensions, but could only do 6 more before my back started cramping/aching in my "hurt" spot, so I stopped doing those - total of 36 back extensions.

I thought the bench dips would give me a hard time like they did the last time I did them, especially since I started off all shaky from the get go - but I was able to do 22, rest and stretch, then 15 more, rest and stretch, then I forced myself to finish them up without stopping.  I will probably be majorly sore in my triceps tomorrow.

I did 10 burpees - without the pushups, since Jenni said they weren't prescribed.  I was going to push myself to do the final 10, but just did not have the energy today.  But, hey!  I did 10 burpees!!  :)

Looking forward to this week's workouts, but not measurement day tomorrow.  I really don't expect to see much difference this week, since it was so messed up for me - although I did do all workouts but one - Thursdays.  Oh well - I'm having fun and seeing improvements and that's all that counts, right?  :)

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