Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Instead of CrossFit today, I worked out in the yard.  From almost 12:00 until 4:00 I trimmed the bushes, raked up the cuttings from said trim, wheelbarrowed them down a hill and dumped them in the woods, then pushed the wheelbarrow UP that damn hill!  I then repaired my retaining wall - it was kinda wonky from the ground settling after 10 years.  I had to remove the entire top row of bricks and part of the next row to straighten them all up.  I then took the entire top row of removed bricks and put them under my front porch - one by one.  I then scooped up the old grass cuttings around the tree and wheelbarrowed them down the hill to dump them in the woods and pushed the wheelbarrow back up that damn hill five times!  This is a super steep hill, can you tell?  lol 

Anyway, I figured I did a lot of lifting, moving, uphill, downhill that they would do as a substitute for CrossFit - especially since I did this for four hours!  Working out tomorrow!!  :)

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