Monday, November 12, 2012

7 Week Stats

I totally forgot to post this morning!  Well, I did my measurements and I'm either measuring wrong, or there was actually very little change from last week.  Maybe it's just me, but I swear I can see changes in the mirror and I can DEFINITELY tell the difference in my clothes!  I did actually drop a pound or two this week, so that's progress!

9/24/12                                11/12/12          Difference
254.5             Weight          251.5                -2.5 lbs
42                  Bust               39                     -3
49                  Waist             43.5                  -5.5
56                  Hips               53                     -3
15.5               UpperArmR  15                     -.5
15.5               UpperArmL   15                    -.5
29.5               ThighR           29                    -.5
30                  ThighL           29                    -1
20.25             CalfR             19.75               -.5
21                  CalfL             19.75               -1.25

Total inches lost = 15.75

Great overall, but only .5 inch lost from last week.  BUT, it's a loss so I'll take it!!  :)  I could have went the other way, right?

Today's workout looked super hard: 
   For time:
     30 pushups
     50 back extensions
     30 knees to elbows
     30 dead lifts w/40 lbs
     30 push press w/20 lbs
     50 kettlebells w/15-20 lbs
     Run 400 meters (1/4 mile)
     10 pullups or pull downs
     30 bench dips

I bought a bar at Walmart today (it was only $19), and I installed it in the closet doorway of my exercise room.  I actually ended up emptying out that closet (it was just a bunch of junk) and put it all in my guest room for now.  So, guess what my next project is? out the guest room!

I did the running part first because I wanted to run as far as I could.  I actually increased my speed to 4.5/mph (progress from 4.0/mph!) and ran 11 block segments before I slowed to a 3.0/mph walk - hey!  I was sucking wind!  Still, it was a solid 2 minute run (again, progress!) - then I walked for 3 block segments and ran for the last 2 blocks.  Overall, I only walked 3 out of 16 blocks - and THAT is great for me!  My treadmill time was 3:39.  When I started, I could only walk the 400 meters and that took me 5 minutes, so I am VERY impressed with that time!  Jenni - if you read this, don't think that means I want longer distances!!  lol

Pushups were girly, but easier as well.  I only stopped to rest once (on number 20), progress!  Back extensions are not my favorite exercise, but I did them.  Knees to elbows....I was so excited to use my new bar!  That quickly wore off - I've discovered I can only do knees to hips, but that is a start and my goodness could I feel the muscles in my back/shoulder area being used!  Deadlifts were with 44 lbs, push press with 24 lbs, and kettlebells with 15.5 lbs.  I actually had to stop and rest after 30 kettlebells today - my shoulders were burning!  I looked at several videos online for pullups and discovered "assisted" pullups for beginners, so that is what I did.  THOSE suckers were NOT fun.  AT...ALL!  NO FUN!  Even assisted, I was pouring sweat on my arms.  After that, I thought bench dips would be a breeze, but no such luck.  My triceps are in horrible, horrible, horrible shape!  They were burning after just 9 dips!  I had to stop every 3-4 dips to rest because of the burn.  I bet those alone took all of 5 minutes or more! 

I'm still loving these workouts - it seems like every day I play the "I wonder what's going to be sore tomorrow" game.  Right now, I'm guessing my back/shoulders and definitely my triceps - since that's what is sore now, but who knows?  It's anyone's guess.  :)
In honor of Veteran's Day, I want to share a funny story about meeting my 2nd oldest brother.  First - some background - I am the baby of 6.   And, I'm the only one of the 6 that was born in Georgia.  My two oldest siblings, Billy and Bob, were born in Indiana and my other 3 siblings were born in California.  Needless to say, I was not planned - my mom was 40 when she found out she was pregnant with me.  My brother, Bob, had been serving in Vietnam.  I was maybe 4 years old and someone knocked on the door and I was the one who answered it (things were WAY different back then, huh?).  Anyway, the guy at the door said "Hey!  I'm your brother, Bob!"  And I replied, "No you're not, he's in the war!!" and slammed the door in his face.  I went back to the family room and sat down, when my mom asked me who was at the door and I told her some man who said he was my brother.  Everyone started screaming and freaking out - turns out it really was my brother!  lol

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