Thursday, November 29, 2012

This is me from the other day!  Thank goodness for Pitbull and his music or I don't know that I could finish some days!!  I fell asleep on the couch last night sometime between 9:30 and 10:00.  Yesterday's workout was a fun one, but very exhausting!  When I got up to go to bed, my shoulders and upper arms were killing me - those wall balls that I love so much kicked in!  I took some Tylenol and slept like a baby for the rest of the night.  Not very sore this morning.  My ass/glutes are letting me know they've been used a lot this week and my lower back was a little achy this morning (not bad) from the deadlifts yesterday.  Overall, not too shabby!

Today's workout looks like a fun and quick workout.  I think I'll run 1/4 mile before doing it, just to get in some extra cardio. 

For Time:
   5 Front squats w/40 lbs
   25 situps
   4 Front squats w/40 lbs
   20 situps
   3 Front squats w/40 lbs
   15 situps
   2 Front squats w/40 lbs
   10 situps
   1 Front squat w/40 lbs
   5 situps

I'm going to do 1 real CrossFit situp for every 5 prescribed - ex:  5 CF situps during 25 set, 4 CF situps during 20 set, 3 CF situps during 15 set, 2 CF situps during 10 set, 1 CF situp during 5 set.  I've been doing them on the weight bench and it feels like I use all of my abdominal muscles doing it that way - which is better than the way I did them before, on the floor with my feet under the treadmill.  Hopefully, I'll get to where I can do CF situps without any modifications.  Not hopefully, I know I will!  I'll post my time later.  :)
8:40 - AS RX'D, bitches!!!!!!!!  Woo-hoo!!!!!  I can't believe I can not only DO Crossfit situps now (tried SEVERAL times before), but I did them ALL!!!!  I believe doing situps on my weight bench helped tremendously in strengthening my abdominal muscles.  I have tried to do CrossFit situps several times before, and could only barely get my shoulder blades off of the floor.  I was way slower doing them this way than on the bench, but am SO proud of myself!!  My feet didn't even come up off of the floor - I figured they would, but NOPE!  YAY, me!!!

I also used 50 lbs. with the squats - I figured I could use all of the extra help I could get!  Also - my time is double what everyone else had, but I did NO modifications WHATSOEVER!!!  :)

Not included in my time, but I ran 1/4 mile on the treadmill before starting.  I saw that everyone's times was in the 4-5 minute mark, and thought "What the hell...can't hurt!"  My treadmill time was 3:18 - I jogged/ran at 4.6/mph

SO proud of me!!  :)

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