Sunday, November 4, 2012

I did the workout that was scheduled for Halloween today.

2 rounds of:
   50 pushups
   75 situps
   50 front squats w/20 lbs
   75 jump rope

My time was 21:04 and I only did one round as rx'd.  I normally split this type of workout into smaller segments, but thought I'd try it like I was supposed to.  Well...the situps were KILLING me!  My arms were getting squiggly towards the end of my pushups, I STRUGGLED with the situps, front squats w/24 lbs were surprisingly easy (I only stopped to rest at the 35 and 45 marks), AND I can actually jump rope now!  I usually jump and "stop" the rope (but still count the jumps!).  Today, I ony "stopped" the rope 10 times, so that was awesome!  I'm pouring sweat and my heartrate is definitely up after the squats and jumping! 

Tomorrow is a measurement day - can't wait to see my results after 6 weeks of CrossFit!!