Friday, November 9, 2012

SO happy to see there is NO running in today's workout, however, EVERYTHING else IS in there!!  lol - Just to look at it is intimidating, but they're not really hard exercises - just a lot of them.  And I mean a LOT!!

For time, 5 rounds of:
   11 situps
   11 pushups
   11 jump rope
   11 squats
   11 leg lifts
   11 sumo deadlift high pulls w/20-30 lbs
   11 back extensions
   11 walking lunges
   11 wall ball w/10 lb ball
   11 push press w/20 lbs
   11 kettle bell swings w/15 lbs

I will do the deadlift high pulls with 31 lbs - wall balls with a 4 lb ball (it's still all I have) - push press with 24 lbs - and kettle bell swings with 15.5 lbs.  Some of these amounts sound weird, but I have adjustable dumbbells and they have on each end pounds of 3, 6, 9.5, and 12.5 so I have to play around with the combinations to get close to some of the requested weights.  I'm hoping it's not a super long workout, because I have a lot to do today...but no matter what, I'm doing it!
Okay - so I didn't do my workout on Friday - surprise, surprise - I was running late!  BUT, I did do it today (Sunday) and I must say...what was I thinking?  I thought this would be a breeze!  NOT!!!  Loved the workout though, but I did shift some things around just so I wouldn't waste time getting up and down off of the floor.  I did all situps on my weight bench because I can't do true CrossFit situps, but have discovered I use more of my abdominals on the weight bench than I do when I stick my feet under the treadmill.  VERY proud to say I did almost everything without having to stop and catch my breath - meaning all situps, pushups, etc.  I did take quick water breaks and what I term "sweat rag" breaks in between exercises.  The only things I did have to stop and rest for were the leg lifts and back extensions.  Have I mentioned I hate leg lifts and back extensions?  Man, oh man...those things get my heart pumping.  I can tell a difference when doing lunges - I go down deeper than before.  I will say that my last round was slower than the others, I could feel all of my muscles working that last round.  I left my adjustable dumbbells on the same weight throughout all weighted exercises - on 9.5 and 6 (total of 15.5 lbs) for each dumbbell.  So, I used 31 lbs for the deadlift high pulls and push presses.  Kettle bell swing was with 15.5 lbs, and wall ball with 4 lbs.

Great workout today!  Tomorrow is a measurement day.  Can't wait to see the results!

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