Monday, September 30, 2013

Army Fitness Test #2

The only thing between you and your goal is you.  Truth!!  :)

What a crazy, busy, exhausting couple of weeks it has been!  All I could think about last week while keeping Addy was...if she makes me this tired now when she just lays around and sleeps a lot, what will it be like when she's moving and crawling around?  OMG - let's hope I survive!!  lol  I wouldn't trade it for the world.  She is the most precious little girl!

Today is my second Army Fitness test, so I'm hoping I see some improvement.  It's going to be interesting to see though, considering I haven't worked out as often as I was doing before.  Oh well, what is it I like to say?  It is what it is.  :)

Here are the results of my Army Fitness tests so far:

2-mile run goal - 24:00 to pass (minimum score of 60%)
   7/15/13 - 34:07
   8/30/13 - 33:27

2-minutes of push-ups - 10 Army count (20 regular count) to pass (minimum score of 60%)
   7/15/13 - 1 Army count (2 regular count)
   8/30/13 - 4 Army count (8 regular count)

2-minutes of sit-ups - 30 Army count (60 regular count) to pass (minimum score of 60%)
   7/15/13 - 16 Army count (32 regular count)
   8/30/13 - 22 Army count (44 regular count)

Just a reminder - the posted goal/pass numbers are specific for my age/gender - females, aged 47-51.
Very happy girl!  I have two new PR's!!  Woot-woot!!

2 mile run:  32:19 - I knocked off 1:08 from my previous time of 33:27, and 1:38 from my original time of 34:07!!  :)  Happy, happy, happy!!

Push-ups:  5 Army count, 10 regular count - increased by 1 Army count, 2 regular count!!  :)

Sit-ups:  44 - no increase/decrease here since the last time I tested...a little disappointed in that!

Overall, I'm extremely pleased considering I haven't worked out consistently lately.  :)  Great workout!!

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