Thursday, September 12, 2013

Strive for progress, not perfection.

Strive for progress, not perfection.  Yep...that's what I do...every day!  lol  I am glad to see progress, otherwise I think I would be pretty pissed that I do this practically every day (except weekends) and wasn't getting any where!  Really, really pissed.  ;)

I was sitting on the sofa reading last night, when I went to raise my arm and reach for my grapefruit juice, and OMG - my arms were SO sore!!!  I haven't had sore arms like that in a long time.  Then, when I went to bed my thighs and butt were super sore.  I actually went really slow up the stairs because of the soreness, the whole time thinking to myself "this isn't going to be pretty in the morning!"  Well, I am happy to say it's not bad this morning!!  My butt is a little sore, but I'm sure that will go away once I get up and moving around this morning.  Thank goodness!

Also, thank goodness today's workout doesn't look too bad!  I'm doing HIIT Mamas again - mostly because I don't feel like doing anything too strenuous.  I know, I know....excuses, excuses.  I just feel like I have been pushing myself to the limit every day this week.  I'm sure I haven't, but still - it feels like it!  Brand X is a rest day and CrossFit Whitehead had jump-rope.  Lots and lots of jump-rope.  Well, that's the way I saw it, anyway!!  lol

   Hang Squat Clean w/10-15 lbs
   Hand-stand Push-ups - modify as needed

See!  It doesn't look bad, does it?  Yeah, that's what I thought!  I got this!!!
Went to see my girls today - no time!  But it's okay - my upper body is SO sore!! I hurt from my upper arms, around my ribs to my shoulder blades!  OMG, the soreness!  Will get with it tomorrow!

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