Thursday, September 5, 2013

I need sweet and simple today!

I need sweet and simple today!  My thighs - oh, my thighs!   Aaanndd my butt!!  Oh my goodness, are they ever sore!  I'm blaming it on the power cleans!  lol  

So, I really did not want to do any sort of running today because my legs are so sore and every workout I came across has a run segment in it.  I found this workout online awhile ago, and I think I'm going to finally do it.  It doesn't sound too complicated - yes, I see it has treadmill time AND squats, but overall it's not a lot.

For time:
   2.5 minutes on the treadmill @ 3.5 speed and 15% incline
   Leg raises*

*Start with one rep, then increase by 1 rep each round until you reach 13.

Basically, this is 13 rounds of exercises - which in itself sounds like a lot.  Of course, since I think it sounds simple and easy, it probably won't be!  lol  :)
Just so you know...this was NOT a sweet NOR simple workout plan!  OMG - I do believe I'm even sorer (is that a word?) today than I was yesterday!

Total Time:  68:35
Treadmill Time:  32:30

Oh.  My.  Word.  That was tough!  I am proud of myself - I did ALL boy/real push-ups through 8 rounds.  On the 9th round I did 5 boy/real push-ups, then 4 modified/knee push-ups.  Same on the 10th round, only 5 boy/real push-ups, then 5 modified/knee ones.  I did all modified on the 11th, 12th, and 13th rounds and I must say those were SUPER easy after doing real ones!  lol

I did not have any problems with sit-ups - never had to stop at all doing these.  Leg raises?  WHAT a bitch!!  Those were so hard by the 8th round!  I could only do half the 8th round, then rested and went back at it.  I did it this way for the remaining rounds.  I really don't like leg raises!!  lol

Squats were okay - I was able to complete them without stopping every round, but could definitely feel them in my legs and butt while doing them.

My treadmill only goes up to 10 incline (10%), so that's what I did the whole time.  I started off at 3.5 speed, but could not keep up without holding on so I dropped down to 2.5.  I added a "point" speed every time I got on the treadmill, working my way up to 3.3 before slowing down a "point" speed, ending up at 2.9 for the final round.

So..the next time I'm looking for a simple workout, I'll remember...this ain't it!!  I really wanted to quit, but pushed through.  This will definitely be a good one to come back to for a "compare to"!!  What's so crazy about this, is the majority of my time off of the treadmill was used in front of the fan trying to cool down.  Sweat was dripping in my eyes, off of my chin, down my arms - needless to say, the top of my socks were soaked!  Very happy I finished!!

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