Friday, September 6, 2013

It's not swagger...I'm just sore as shit from yestereday's workout!

It's not swagger...I'm just sore as shit from yesterday's workout!  This is ABSOLUTELY true for me this week!  lol  I will admit, I'm not as sore this morning as I was last night, but there are some definite sore spots this morning - my calves and my triceps.  I'm really surprised my abs aren't sore because they were killing me when I was doing leg lifts yesterday.  I'm not complaining...just surprised!   :)

I'm posting a workout for today, but am not sure I'll be able to do it today.  If not, I'll save it for tomorrow or Sunday.  My girls are coming sometime this morning and we're having lunch then hitting up a couple of consignment sales this afternoon.  Always excited to see my girls!!  :)

HIIT Mamas:
   7 Rounds for Time:
      7 - Push-ups
         - Thrusters w/ 20 lbs
         - Burpees
         - Kettle-bell swings w/20 lbs
         - Leg lifts

I looked at Brand X and White Head's sites, but they were both running today so I decided "nah, I'm good!"  Brand X wanted me to run 400 meters forward, 100 meters backward two times.  Yeah...I don't see myself running backwards on my treadmill!  lol   White Head wanted me to run a 5k.  Again...not gonna happen today!!  :)

Y'all wish me luck today.  It sounds like another "kinda easy" workout and we ALL know what that means!!

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