Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We have a choice every day...

We have a choice every act on yesterday's good intentions or get an early start on tomorrow's regrets. - Robert Brault

Well, I'm choosing to act on yesterday's good intentions...of working out!  As you know, the girls came and we went to lunch then shopping to outfit my house in baby gear.  Yes, I spent a lot of money, BUT I did not pay full price!!  We went to a kid's consignment store!  I purchased a baby bouncer, swing, baby wipes warmer, and the cutest pea-pod Halloween costume.  I spent $75 - not too bad.  BUT, then we were going to Target to purchase bottles and diapers and there was a Carter's right next door with big signs stating 60% off and it wasn't pretty!  Oh my...this little girl has me so wrapped around her finger it isn't even funny.  I had Honey-Buns' debit card and needless to say, he didn't complain AT ALL!!!  I need to make sure I always have Addy whenever I have his debit card in the future!  lol  Well, we made it back in time to pick up Hayley from school, then I had to go do a yard check for work and Katy needed dog food for my granddog, Rex and I also stopped by Staples because I needed copy paper and hanging file folders.  By the time we got back from doing all of that it was 4:30 and Addy was awake, so we sat and talked and stared at her for a bit.  The girls left just a tad after 5:00 to go visit their in-laws and I went to pick up supper. time for working out.  :(

I'm hoping to do yesterday's running workout, or at least to get outside and walk my neighborhood.  It's beautiful, cool (no humidity) weather in Georgia this week and I'd love to take advantage of it!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

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