Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm tired, sore and don't want to go to the gym...

I'm tired, sore and don't want to go to the gym, which is exactly why I'm going to go in and dominate.  :)

I'm not tired, but I am sore - yeah, you guessed it...my butt is sore!!  What is it with that thing?  lol  Anyway, I still feel pretty excited about knocking more than a minute off of my time for the 2-mile run yesterday.  I have to say, I'm very surprised - but at the same token, I really pushed myself.  I started off running 2 minutes, then walking 1 minute.  I did that several times before switching over to 1.5 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking.  Occasionally (once or twice) I walked for 1.5 minutes just to catch my breath, but tried to make up that extra half-minute on the next run or two.  Don't ask me if I did or not...I just know I ran and ran and ran some more!  :)  And yes!  I was dripping sweat!  I completely forgot to take my measurements yesterday, but will do it today and get them posted.  I did update my stats with my weight and added my Army test results to them as well.  Keep a look out for the updates!

My plan today is to take Addy for a walk through the neighborhood, but if that doesn't work out then I'm going to do HIIT Mamas' workout from 9/26/13, which was a "compare to" that I wanted to do last week, but never did.  Just a reminder:
   50 jump rope (jacks)
        jump rope (jacks)
        jump rope (jacks)
        jump rope (jacks)
        back extensions

I put up jacks because when I went back to see what my original time was, I had apparently substituted jumping jacks.  I don't think I had a jump rope at that time, lol!!  Anyway, I'm going to do jumping jacks just like I originally did for a time of 25:00 even.  Wish me luck!
So...different kind of work out today.  First, Addy and I walked through the neighborhood for 35 minutes - up hills and down!  I bought a carrier the other day and this was the first time we used it - she really liked it, so I know it won't be the last time!  Also, we decided to move our office up from the basement all the way to the top floor in my exercise room so I've been super busy today emptying, boxing, and carrying up filing cabinets, etc.  I can't move the desk up all of the stairways by myself, so Honey-Buns is going to have some of our guys come move it for me tomorrow.  I love having a solid wood desk until it's time to move it!  lol  - So...that's been my day.  Not a "prescribed" workout, but still walking and going up and down lots of stairs...hey, it counts!!

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