Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our strength grows out of our weaknesses.

Our strength grows out of our weaknesses.  It most certainly does!  I was talking to Honey-Buns yesterday and realized that next week (9/24) is my one-year anniversary of doing CrossFit.  I cannot believe I have stuck with it this long!  I know I haven't been super consistent this summer, but am getting back on track.  I also realized that if I had changed my diet any I would be super skinny by now!  lol  - I just don't really want to change my diet...yes, I have cut out snacking and stuff like that.  I'm drinking WAY more water - actually I only drink one cup of coffee in the morning, water throughout the day, a grape G2 after working out, water with supper, and THEN I might drink a glass of sweet tea or kool-aid.   I usually do not have sodas in the house, except Honey-Buns' - he drinks Sprite Zero, but I hate the after-taste of diet sodas, so I just don't have them here.  I will get an orange soda every now and then when I go to the grocery store, but not always.  Anyway, my goal was always to get fit, not lose weight.  I have lost inches and love that!  I  mean, I had a serious muffin-top going on with my pants/shorts and now that is gone.  I could (and should) buy new pants/shorts to see exactly what size I'm in now, but I'm actually enjoying wearing the loose, baggy ones.  They are WAY more comfortable!!  lol  I will say, I went to Old Navy with Katy the other day and they had v-neck t-shirts on sale for $7.50, so I bought a couple - size XXL, because that's the size I get when I buy in a "normal" store as opposed to a "big girl" store.  I'm always happy whenever I can buy off the rack in a "normal" store because usually their clothes are too small for me.  Anyway, I get home and try on a shirt to show Honey-Buns what I bought and guess what?  It's actually too big!  I'm very happy to know I can get into a regular XL like that!  The small things, right?  :)  I'll do a stat update next week on my anniversary.  Hoping to see an improvement there as well.  

I'm doing CrossFit White Head's workout today, so y'all wish me luck.  It's running, and running, and running, and running, and...you get the picture!

10 Rounds for time, resting 2 minutes between each round
   Run 400 meters
   Bike 1000 meters

I really want to run this, but feel like I will bike some of it as well.  I'm not sure how I'm going to do the running, but will figure it out when I get upstairs.  I'd rather play it by ear or, in my case, by breathing!  lol  This way I won't be disappointed in myself.  I really have to be as positive as possible whenever I do a running workout.  If I leave it disappointed, then it makes me feel like it's not worth it and I hate feeling like that after busting my ass running in the first place!  I need to leave my workouts happy.  Weird, huh?  Oh well...that's me!  :)

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