Thursday, September 26, 2013

Jump rope fail

Jump rope fail!  I haven't fallen down like this, but I do trip...a LOT! lol  

I'm glad to report that I am not really sore this morning, more like achy on my left shoulder - I think it's called the deltoid muscle.  It's the area between my shoulder and neck, but it's only sore on the left side...or as I like to call it, my weak side!  I cannot believe how much weaker that arm is from my right arm!  Crazy!!  I guess I can really tell because I used dumbbells instead of barbells.  Wow - an eye opener!!

I'm doing HIIT Mamas today - it's a "compare to" workout.  :)
   50 jump-rope
   50 push-ups
   50 jump-rope
   50 sit-ups
   50 jump-rope
   50 squats
   50 jump-rope
   50 back extensions

Looks tough, huh?  I did this in 25:00 on 12/28/12, so I'm hoping to improve on that - definitely not be worse!  lol  Wish me luck!!

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