Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'm on a very tight schedule of not getting anything done.  THIS is how I feel lately!!  lol - It's like, I'm SUPER busy but whenever I stop and look it doesn't seem like I DID anything!  I do know one thing, my little Angel is a mess!!  Honey-Buns asked me what I was doing last night when I went into the kitchen to wash up the baby bottles and I said "I'm trying to unwrap myself from around a little bitty finger, but don't worry...I'll just wrap right back around it again tomorrow!!"  My daughter mentioned that her mother-in-law said she might want to keep Addy on Mondays when she's off work but Katy didn't think it would be a good idea because she would hold her all of the time and never put her down.  I'm beginning to think that Katy and Andy both hold her more than they're letting on - she wakes up every time I try to lay her down, but the minute you pick her back up she goes right back to sleep!  This heart!!  I am glad to say I actually made it downstairs to the office yesterday and worked until 10:00.  I didn't even make it there on Monday...not at all!!  I've just got to get my schedule down and possibly change my workout time.  I was busy cooking chicken-and-dumplings yesterday - I was making extra to give to Katy so she wouldn't have to cook, which is why I started them so early.  I made it to 10:00 last night before going to bed.  I'm just exhausted by the time I lay down!  lol

I obviously did not work out yesterday, but am saving that workout for another day.  Today's workotu is from HIIT Mamas:
   5 Rounds for Time
      100 meter sprint
      20 cleans, 20 lbs
      10 pull-ups

I can do the sprints on my treadmill.  100-meters is 4 "blocks", I'll just get it up to speed then run the 4 "blocks" at speed before stopping.  Here's to getting a workout in today!!
I got a workout in!!!  YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!  I didn't have a lot of time, so I decided to do yesterday's workout.  Well, I didn't take my timer upstairs, but it only took one song, plus the beginning of another one from my Offspring's Greatest Hits.  So, that obviously didn't take too long.  I must say, using 50 lbs on the push-presses KILLED my left arm - it is SO much weaker than my right!  Since this didn't take too long, I decided to get on the treadmill and walk.  I was interrupted by one of my friends coming by to see Addy - she hadn't seen her since she was one week old.  But, I did get in about 12 minutes on the treadmill (.6??/mile), so not too bad.  Here's the breakdown:

45 seconds @ 2.5 speed
45 seconds @ 2.6 speed
45 seconds @ 2.7 speed
45 seconds @ 2.8 speed
45 seconds @ 2.9 speed
30 seconds @ 3.0 speed
*Above all done on 0 incline*
1 minute @ 2 incline - 3.0 speed
1 minute @ 3 incline - 3.0 speed
1 minute @ 4 incline - 3.0 speed
1 minute @ 5 incline - 3.0 speed
1 minute @ 6 incline - 3.0 speed
1 minute @ 7 incline - 3.0 speed
1 minute @ 8 incline - 3.0 speed
1 minute @ 9 incline - 3.0 speed
*This is when my friend arrived, so I kept walking until I went all the down back to 0 incline and stopped.

See y'all tomorrow!!

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