Monday, September 16, 2013

Keep calm and exercise.

Keep calm and exercise.  Yep...pretty much sums it up!  I hope you all had a good weekend.  Mine was spent relaxing and resting!!  I still cannot get over how sore I was from Wednesday's hero workout and how long it took me to recover from it.  I was still pretty sore on Saturday and, of course, going up and down the trailer ladder to watch Honey-Buns race didn't help any!  My upper body was sore again yesterday morning!  That was one tough workout.   I'm still happy I finished it, but wish I had been able to work out on the days following it!  lol  I probably would have forced myself to work out on Friday, but I took Katy shopping for new work clothes.  She got a new job!  Yay!  She'll be working Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00, NO weekends and making $11/hour.  She's super excited and so am I - we get to babysit Addy!!  Honey-Buns will meet her halfway in the mornings to "swap off" Addy, then I will probably meet her halfway in the evenings to swap back.  I won't have to leave until 5:00 or just a little after, so I'll still have workout time!  :)  Speaking of Addy, she smiled at me while awake on Friday!  It was the most beautiful smile in the world!  :)

I looked at all three workouts today before deciding to do the one I missed last Thursday (and Friday!)  CrossFit Brand X is a rest day, White Head is cleans, pull-ups, and running, and HIIT Mamas is a 7 minute AMRAP of thrusters and sit-ups.  I'm going to stick to my plan from last Thursday.  Just a reminder:
      Hang squat cleans w/15 lbs
      Hand-stand push-ups
   Pre-programmed treadmill workout

I'm DEFINITELY doing it today!!  :)
So...I have been in a really crappy, ill mood all day and yes, it IS that time of the month!  Anyway, I went upstairs thinking I was only going to do a pre-programmed treadmill workout and decided to wear my weighted vest while working out.  The vest is 8 pounds and I figured that would suffice for my workout today.  Plus, my right knee has been acting kind of wonky all day.  I have to make sure I keep it pretty straight or it just throbs.  Anyway, I figured this would be a good way to get in a decent workout while babying my knee.  Well, I did the treadmill workout and felt fine, so I figured I'd go ahead and do the hang squat cleans and hand-stand push-ups.  I decided to stick pretty close to the prescribed weight, using 18 lb dumbbells (9 lbs each).  I did not time my cleans and push-ups - mostly because I left my Nook downstairs, it contains my timer app.  Anyway, I didn't really want to go too fast because of my knee and I made sure to watch my form so I wouldn't hurt it any more than what it is.  Great news - the knee feels fine right now.  At least until I keep it bent in the same position.  I just have to keep remembering to straighten my leg out periodically.  I don't know what's wrong with it, but hopefully whatever it is will go away fairly quickly.  I'm hoping my crappiness/illness goes away fairly quickly as well!  I was hoping to work it out upstairs, but not sure that helped.  Oh well...I got in a good workout and that's all that counts right now!!

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