Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Double Ditto!! :)

Okay - let's try this again.  As you can probably tell, I did not get home last night until around 5:45.  Thank goodness Katy is feeling better!  I loved, loved, loved spending time with them and taking care of Addy - I even got to bathe her!  Of course, Addy hates baths, but that's okay.  I was able to do everything for her yesterday while Katy got some much needed care and rest!

I'm still planning on doing the Hotshots 19 Hero workout.  Just a reminder of what that is:

6 rounds for time (4 rounds, pack/3 rounds, pups)
   30 squats
   19 Power cleans w/65 lbs - I'll be using my max of 50 lbs
   7 Pull-ups
   Run 400 meters

I will do at least 4 rounds, but would like to push myself to go 6.  I'll decide when I get up there!
43:34 - WOW!  NOT impressed with my time, but I AM impressed with my determination to NOT quit!!!  :)  I split this in to 8 rounds of:
  15 squats
  10 Power cleans w/50 lbs - my max weight!
  4 Pull-ups
  Run 200 meters

I did okay my first two rounds - running all of my 200 meters, however, from then on out I would run 100 meters, walk 50 meters, run 50 meters.  The running mixed with the squats, mixed with the weighted power cleans KILLED my thighs!!  I really, really, really wanted to quit once I reached my "puppy" rounds - but forced myself to continue.  Honestly?  If this hadn't of been a Hero workout, I would have probably quit.  VERY glad I pushed through AND that I made it downstairs without my legs giving out!  lol

Great, sweaty workout!!  :)

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