Wednesday, July 17, 2013

You don't have to go just have to go.  This is a good thing, 'cause I definitely don't go fast!  Yet!!  I hope to improve that, but right now I'm still working on my "go"!!  lol

Last night I was cruising around the internet trying to find the answer to my question about how the Army counts exercises - whether it's a 2-count or 4-count for push-ups and sit-ups.  Well, I kind of found the answer - it's a 4-count.  But now I'm trying to find out if on the fitness test when they say 10 push-ups is it 10 using a 4-count, which is really 20 using a 2-count?  I'm thinking it is - which is bad news - that means I did NOT pass on my sit-ups 'cause I did 32 using a 2-count, which would only be 16 using a 4-count.  Confusing, right?  Oh well.  I did find a copy of the Army fitness training pamphlet that they use for 12 weeks of training.  It give four different training workouts to used, each based on how you scored on your initial fitness test.  I would use training #4 because I failed all aspects - bummer, right?  Anyway, I think I'm going to print this out and look it over.  It might be something I'll be interested in doing.  They do rest on Saturdays and Sundays, with Mondays and Fridays being their run days.  They "test" on the fourth week, taking the day before testing as a rest day.  It has warm-up exercises, then your "active" exercise, then your cool down period - which is pretty much stretching.  The only thing I'm concerned about is repetition.  I could always do a week of "Army" training, then a week of something else - it's something to think about.  Here's the link to the pamphlet if any of you are interested in looking it over:

CaliFit Mamas:
   As many rounds as possible in 25 minutes
      11 push-ups
      12 deadlifts w/30 lbs
      13 sit-ups

Brand X:
   Sprint triathlon - this involves swimming, biking, and running

White Head:
   12 Power cleans
   40 Wall ball
   9 power cleans
   30 wall ball
   6 power cleans
   20 wall ball
   3 power cleans
   10 wall ball

Well, it's Wednesday which means - run Berta, run!!  I'm doing another 5k week #1 training today, which is eight rounds of running 1 minute and walking 90 seconds.  Afterwards, I plan to do the White Head workout.  I'll post the times of each workout - although the running workout should be the same as always - 20 minutes.  Again, my goal is to run without holding on!
THAT was an awesome workout!  SO proud of myself today!  First off...I did not want to go upstairs and run - not at all!  But, I did it!  Not only did I run, but I did the first 4 segments without holding on except when I was checking my heart rate.  PROGRESS!!  Yes!  I was close to the 1.25 mile mark when I finished up my 5k training session (20 minutes total), so I decided to run until I reached the 1.25 mile mark.  Well, that actually took me another 1:05 and I did that one without holding on as well.  So, I actually had 9 running segments, and 8 walking segments.

1.25 miles
21:05 total treadmill time
9:05 total run time

I came so close to talking myself out of the White Head workout, but after cooling down and calming down in front of the fan I made myself get up and do it.  My dyslexic self thought it was 21 reps for the first round or power cleans and am so glad I double checked that - lol!  I only used 38 lb dumbbells for the power cleans, though.  I was going to use 50 lbs but I picked them up and quickly put those bitches right back down.  No way, Jose!  So, I switched it and got to work.  Wall-ball shots with a 4 lb ball, super low squats - my legs feel like they're still quivering on the inside!

Total time for White Head workout:  6:58   - SO glad I didn't talk myself out of this and am really glad I  sucked it up for 7 more minutes of working out!!  Great workout, Jen!  I was breathing so heavy and loud I was afraid Honey-Buns would come running upstairs to my rescue again!!  ;)

Workout song of the day:  Graffiti the World by Rehab - some good 'ol Georgia boys!  LOVE them!!

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