Thursday, July 4, 2013

It's July 4th!

It's July 4th!  The only day of the year you might see a person look up from their cellphone!  - I changed this to say "person" instead of "young person" because it's not just the young'uns that are doing this nowadays.  Personally, I keep my cellphone in my vehicle.  I hate whenever I'm out and about and people are constantly on their phone - there's just no privacy and alone time anymore.  I don't even check my cellphone messages - I just delete them.  I'll see that someone called and call them back, but honestly?  I don't like cellphones, just for emergencies.  There are times when I just want to be left completely alone and I actually enjoy driving in my car just jamming to the radio and taking in the scenery.  I don't need to talk to someone constantly - especially when I'm shopping, which is supposed to be something to enjoy.  I've seen too many people throw their money at cashiers while talking on their phones - it's just rude.  I even have a rule for anyone that eats with me - no phones at the table, period.  Unless we get to talking about something and we need to "google", then we'll let a phone come out.  It's pretty funny to watch my kids to see who can pull their phone out the fastest!  But, after we find our answer the phone goes away.  Don't get me wrong, I love modern technology and do not like being disconnected from the internet for too long of a period, but I just think we can survive going to buy milk without having a conversation with someone who isn't there.  Enjoy the peace and quiet, people!  lol

I have to say abs are SORE!  OMG - just sitting here moving around what little bit I am, I feel the twinges!  Also, my upper back around my shoulder blades are a little sore as well.  I think it's from the "boy" push-ups from the other day and the knees-to-elbows from yesterday.  WHAT a workout!  Today is not an easy day either, but that's okay.

CaliFit Mamas:
   100 - lunges
          - push-ups
          - sit-ups
          - squats

Brand X:
   "Smykowski" - Hero WOD - in honor of Mark T. Smykowski, 23
      - Run 6k (3.73 miles)
      - 60 burpee pull-ups

   "Smykowski" for puppies -
      - Run 1-1.5 miles
      - 15 burpee pull-ups
      - Run 1-1.5 miles
      - 15 burpees
      - 15 pull-ups
   *if you have body armor or a 30 lb vest, wear it!

White Head:
   4 Rounds for time
      - Run 400 meters
      - 24 front squats
      - 24 cleans

As much as I hate to say it, I'm going to do the Hero WOD, "Smykowski".  I will do the 5k training Week #2 thing - run 2 minutes, walk 1 minute for 7 reps.  After that, I will mostly walk (try to run some more) until I reach the 3.73 mile mark.  I will do this with the 8 lb vest that I have - it's not much, but it will do.  I'm sure I'll be begging for mercy before this is over, but it will be interesting to see how I do.  I know we ran a 6k once before for CaliFit Mamas, so I think I'll try to go back and see what my time was for that.  I know it was way over an hour, so hopefully I'll improve on that!  Also - I don't believe I will do the pull-up portion of the burpee/pull-ups.  My left elbow is still sore (as well as my upper back/shoulder area).  But, I will do the 60 burpees (I think).  I don't believe I'll wear my vest for the burpees, but who knows what will happen when I get upstairs to my workout room?  Y'all wish me luck!!
72:20 - WOW, oh WOW!   I keep saying "That was hard!", but I really, really, really mean it today!  That was harddddd!!!!  So, I did the 6k, which is 3.73 miles - I actually went all the way to 3.75 miles - and I did 30 burpees.  I did wear my vest the entire time on the treadmill - YAY!  I had an accident, though.  I went to step on the side of the treadmill with my left foot, so I could blow my nose, and I missed the side and landed on the floor which caused my right knee to go down on the treadmill.  Of course I don't have the safety pin attached (I know, I know) and I went to grab onto the bar to pull myself up, well...the front of the treadmill came up off of the floor, spilling my water bottle and knocking my Nook off.  Luckily, I kinda just rolled over to my left leg (which was already on the floor) and reached up to turn off the treadmill.  I had just finished up my 3.5 mile mark, so after Honey-Buns came running to my rescue, I got right back on the treadmill and finished up.  Of course, my treadmill time was reset (!), but I was right at (or pretty close to) the one-hour mark, so I added the time it took me to finish up the last quarter mile to 60 minutes.  It's not accurate, but pretty close.  I now have a boo-boo on my right knee where the treadmill and my pants took off some skin, and thought it would get in the way of burpees, but no such luck.  Apparently my knees don't touch the floor (or at least the part that was injured) when I do burpees.  Who knew?  lol  - Anyway, I'm glad I decided to do burpees - it only took my 5:15 to do 30 burpees and yes, I counted down for those.  It really is easier!

Treadmill time - 64:05, actual running/walking - I stopped once for 2 minutes while Honey-Buns replenished my water (before my boo-boo), and then again for another minute when I boo-boo'd. 

Total walking/running time with rests added:  67:05
Rest time after treadmill - 3 minutes
Burpees - 5:15
Total workout time:  75:20

I looked up and we did a 10k on January 21st, but I only did 4 miles of that on the treadmill and the rest was on my stationary bike.  It took me 71:50 to do 4 miles, so I definitely beat that time today!  :)

I was going to do the run 2/walk 1 thing, but just was not feeling it, so here's what I did:

Run 2 minutes
Walk 1 minute
Run 1.5 minutes
Walk 1 minute
Run 1 minute
Walk 1 minute
Run .5 minutes
Walk 1 minute
Run 1 minute
Walk 1 minute
Run 1 minute
Walk 1 mintue
Run 1 minute
Walk 1 minute
Run 1 minute
Walk 1 minute
Walked until I hit 1.5 miles, then I would run 1 minute every 1/4 mile and walk the rest all the way up until 3.75 miles, which was another 8 times.  
Total run time - 18 minutes - not great, but it's okay.  I wore my 8 lb vest the entire time, so I'm happy with my results.  I did not wear the vest while doing burpees though - no way, Jose!  I am exhausted and my feet are hot, hot, hot!  :)

Y'all have a good 4th!  We're waiting for the rain to clear out some, so we can grill some burgers and dogs!  

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