Tuesday, July 2, 2013

When life gives you lemons, be glad it wasn't herpes!

When life gives you lemons, be glad it wasn't herpes!  This sums up two things...my sense of humor (this never gets old and makes me laugh out loud EVERY time I read it) and my outlook on life (there's ALWAYS something to be thankful for - things could be worse)!  I know this doesn't have anything to do with working out or exercising.  I posted this today because it seems like every time I turn around these past couple of weeks, something is always getting in my way of working out.  I went to the doctor with my daughter yesterday for her 32-week pregnancy check up.  Well, we get there and they check her blood pressure and it was fine (125/80).  Then, the midwife comes in and is talking to her and found out that last Friday was my daughter's last day at work and asked her "why did you leave work so early?"  To which, my daughter replied she was just tired all of the time, her feet were starting to swell and her blood pressure was up at her last check-up (at 30 weeks).  Then, the midwife decided to check her blood pressure herself and it was up (135/80).  So, she had Katy lie on her side for a bit and came back and checked it - luckily it cam down (115/72).  She then informed Katy she was glad she wasn't working and said they weren't putting her on bed rest "yet", but to take it easy - not to be up and around too much, no long shopping trips, no long car trips, etc.  So...that was practically all of our morning yesterday.  Then, we had lunch with her husband and went to my sister-in-law's to help plan for the baby shower, swung by my mother-in-law's house and visited with her as well.  Then, I ran some errands for Katy - so she wouldn't have to get out and do them.  Came back to town, ran my own errands and it was after 6:00 before I got home.  I was so exhausted, I fell asleep sitting up on the couch while reading last night - still had my reading glasses on and everything!  Once I made it to bed, I slept like a baby!!  :)  

I'm planning on doing the workout I had planned to do yesterday.  Just a reminder:
   3 Rounds for time
      Run 1 kilometer (.6214/mile)
      10 Push-ups
      100 Squats

As far as I can tell, NOTHING will stop me from working out today!  Fingers-crossed!!!!
56:01 - I know, I know - it's a TERRIBLE time...BUT I did not run every round - well, I did but not the way I originally planned.  First off - let me say - this was HARD!!  Okay, got that out of the way.  I decided at the beginning not to do 100 squats each round.  Instead, I added 5 "boy" push-ups per round and only did 50 squats per round.  Here's what I did -

Round 1
   Run 1 kilometer (.621/mile) - I ran for 2 minutes, walked for 2 minutes all the way through to the end.
   10 Push-ups - I did 10 "girl" push-ups - like I always do!
   5 "boy" push-ups - I can't go all the way down, but I can at least do them now!  YAY!!
   50 squats - Super deep, great form if I do say so myself!

Round 2
   Run 1 kilometer - I ran for 2 minutes, then stopped, grabbed my weighted vest and walked the remainder of this segment - increasing my incline by "1" every minute.  I got all the way up to a 5 incline, then started decreasing the incline by "1" until I reached an incline of 2.  I've been keeping my treadmill at an incline of 2, instead of going all the way down to 0.
   10 Push-ups - again, "girl" push-ups and again - no stopping at all on these!
   5 "boy" push-ups - they were harder this round, but I did it!
   50 squats - again, super deep and good form

Round 3
   Run 1 kilometer - I put the weighted vest back on (did I mention it weighs 8 pounds?) and ran for 1 minute (YAY!, but WHEW!) then walked, increasing my inclines by "1" every minute all the way up until I reached 6 incline, then I started decreasing them by "1" every minute until I was back down to 2 incline.  Then I ran for another minute, with the vest still on - YAY! - then walked until I reached .622 on the treadmill
   10 Push-ups - "girl", no stopping again!!
   5 "boy" push-ups - really hard this time, but I did it!
   50 squats - awesome, but SO tired!

My time also sucks because this includes me grabbing my weighted vest out of the closet, putting it on, taking it off when I realized it was on backwards, putting it back on, blowing my nose, coughing up a lung, changing my music because my Zombie played all the way through (!), and stopping to wipe off sweat.  Yeah - I'm trying to make it sound better than it was, but still - I'm proud of myself.  I stuck with it, even though I didn't run like I wanted, I was still able to challenge myself and push through.  I got super, super sweaty and out of breath, so I know I was working hard.  I'm proud of my push-ups - not stopping at all every round is a good thing!  AND I can do boy push-ups now!  YAY!  It's hard to believe what a difference that weighted vest makes and to think, that's just slightly less than the total weight I've lost so far, that really was hard on my body carrying around that little bit of extra weight.  Imagine what I could do if I was even lighter?  One day, my friends...one day.    :)


  1. You did a great job Berta!! :) No time sucks ever because if you don't have a time then you didn't do it :)

  2. Thanks, Jen! I try not to let it get to me, but sometimes it does anyway. I know I'll get better, but jeez! It's taking forever - of course, I have slacked off a lot this past month. I just need to quit doing that!

    I did figure it up - of the 56:01 it took me to complete, 32:13 was on the treadmill - but still, it didn't feel like everything else was taking that long. I'm still blaming the time it took to put on the vest! lol