Monday, July 8, 2013

So they said, "Anything you say can and will be held against you." So I said, "Rich Froning".

So they said, "Anything you say can and will be held against you."  So I said, "Rich Froning." - LOVE this!  I mean, c'mon...have you SEEN Rich Froning?  Hot, hot, hot!!  ;)

What a wet, wet, wet week/weekend we have had in Georgia!!  I actually let Honey-Buns pay someone to come and cut my grass last Thursday morning because it was so tall and thick and wet!  You won't believe how much it has grown since then - which is really crazy because we haven't had but maybe an hour or two of sunshine all weekend!  And guess what?  More rain is coming!  This is the wettest summer I can recall having in a LONG time.  Of course, all of this rain meant no racing this weekend which was a bummer because they were going to do a two-night deal - with everyone qualifying on Friday night, then racing on Saturday.   They've postponed that until Labor Day weekend, but still.  So, it seemed like we had two Sundays this weekend - very strange!  

CaliFit Mamas:
      3 Rounds for Time - each exercise for 1 minute, then move on to the next one
                                     - score is your total reps
         Power Snatch w/20 lbs
         Box Jump, 18"
         Thrusters w/20 lbs
         Rest 1 minute

Brand X:
   Front squat 3-3-3-3-3

White Head:
      5 Wall ball
      3 Handstand push-ups
      1 Power clean

I'm doing the CaliFit Mamas workout today and possible the 5k Week 2 training run - run 2 minutes, walk 1 minute for 7 rounds.  I really need to improve my running and it's obviously not going to happen with me just thinking about it.  Although, wouldn't that be awesome if you could just "think" about running faster and it happens?  lol - I wish....
241 - WOW, oh WOW!  I don't know why this sounded so easy and simple, but it was FAR from it!  AND, I don't know why I thought I'd want to do a run afterwards either!  Guess what?  No running for me today - I am sucking wind from the workout as it is!!  My second round was the best one.  Round 3 was the worst!  I didn't really keep up with how many reps of each exercise I did because I knew I wouldn't remember and I didn't have time to write them down, so I just started at "1" from the beginning until the end.  I'm guessing that's how you were supposed to do it anyway.  Well, I do know what my burpees were since they were first each round - round 1 was 13 burpees, round 2 was 12, and round 3 was 8.  I know, right?  A big drop from the others, but I was so tired!! I did not do pull-ups - I subbed push-ups instead.

Round 1 - 84
Round 2 - 94
Round 3 - 63

Another great workout!  :)

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