Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sweat today, smile tomorrow.

Sweat today, smile tomorrow.  Actually, I think this should be "Sweat today, smile today and tomorrow!"  I don't know why, but I really do feel better after working out and it's just a mood booster when I finish a workout that was really, really hard!  It makes me happy to know that I did it!  :)

Not a lot going on today, so this will more than likely be a short and sweet blog.  I am spending the day with my pregnant daughter - pedicures, baby shopping, and lunch!  I can't wait for that little girl to get here next month - so excited!!  

CaliFit Mamas:
         Cleans, w/20-30 lbs
         Bench Dips

Brand X:
         Deadlifts (puppies - PVC to 45 lbs)
         Handstand push-ups

White Head:
   4 Rounds for time
      Run 400 meters
      50 Squats

I would love to do White Head's workout today, but I seriously doubt I'll be back in time for a longer workout, so I'll probably do both CaliFit and Brand X today.  Normally, 21-15-9 workouts don't take longer than 5 minutes or so - surely I can fit that in!  I will definitely do White Head's workout this week - I'm still trying to improve my running.  I am determined to run better by the end of summer - so I'm making Labor Day my goal time.  Right now, I can run 400 meters without stopping (but forcing myself to do it).  I'd love to be able to run farther than that - should I say double that?  Hmm...I'm afraid to commit to it - I hate to fail!  Okay...I'm going to compromise and say 600 meters.  I will be able to run 600 meters without stopping by Labor Day.  Time to get with it, huh?  But, here's the kicker - starting "tomorrow" - I know, I know - tomorrow, tomorrow - but for real.  I'll do it.  :)

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