Monday, July 29, 2013

Calm down, you can do this!

Alright, sweetheart, let's be realistic.  You CAN'T drop two jean sizes in one day.  You WON'T lose 100 pounds in a week.  You WILL binge.  You WILL go a day or maybe even two without working out.  Your weight WILL change throughout the day.  You WILL try new things that won't work.  You WILL cry.  You WILL want to give up.  But you're only human...calm down, you can do this!!

So...I'm starting the my Army fitness training today and needed a little bit of inspiration/pep talk to get me going.  But it's okay, I'll stay calm so I can do this!!  ;)

Last week was such a busy week, I'm hoping this week will be a little bit better.  I do know I have to go to Atlanta tomorrow to pay our IRP tags for our trucks, but that should just be a drive there and back.  My very pregnant daughter is coming to spend the week with me since her husband will be out of town taking a training class for his job, so she will go with me tomorrow and we can lunch somewhere different - that's always fun!!  She had her second (and final) baby shower yesterday.  THAT was really fun!  The bedding that I ordered for little Addy's room at my house should be here today, so I can't wait to get that all put together, then it's just a waiting game.  This is gonna be one extremely loved little girl!!!

As I mentioned earlier, I'm starting the Army fitness training exercises today.  It's basically just boot camp, but I'm hoping I can get into it since my goal IS to be Army-fit by the end of the year.  I have to admit, just writing stuff down today was a little intimidating.  It just seems like it's a lot of work, but it will be worth it!  I'm not going to post the other workouts that I have been following while doing this 12-week schedule - it's just a lot of stuff to be posting and I don't think anyone really reads my blog to see stuff that I'm NOT doing.  At least, that's what I'm going with!  It looks like all of these workouts consist of three things - warm up, activity, and cool down.  Sounds simple, right?  We'll see!

I'm doing the workout that's geared for the person who "failed" the initial Army fitness test, which is called Workout #4.  The Army fitness test consists of three criteria - running 2 miles, push-ups, and sit-ups.  Two weeks ago, my results were:
    2-mile run - 34:07
   2 minutes push-ups - 2 (really 1 using the "Army" count)
   2 minutes sit-ups - 32 (really 16 using the "Army" count)
I have discovered the Army uses a 4-count system, so from here on out, anything I post about reps will be using that same 4-count.  Should be interesting!!!!

   CD1 - Condition Drill #1
      5 reps each
         Bend & reach
         Rear lunge
         High jumper
         Squat bender
         Forward lunge
         Prone row
         Bent leg & body twist
   MMD - Military Movement Drill
      25 yards, each
         Laterals - 25 yards each left & right
         Shuttle sprint

   Walk 4 minutes, run 2 minutes - 5x

Cool Down
   SD - Stretch Drill
      Overhead arm pull - hold 20 seconds, each arm
      Rear lunge - hold 20 seconds, each leg
      Extend & Flex - hold 20 seconds, each movement
      Thigh stretch - hold 20 seconds, each leg
      Single leg over - hold 20 seconds, each leg

I know the "activity" alone will be 30 minutes, not sure how long the warm-up will take, but the cool down should only be around 5 minutes or so.  Y'all wish me luck - I'm really gonna need it!!
Nothing today - my daughter is here and her blood pressure is up.  She was told to take it easy, so I'm taking care of her today.  She's laying on the couch getting spoiled!!  Looks like I'm working out on Saturday as well, this week!!

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