Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A regular exercise plan is not optional.

A regular exercise plan is not optional.  It gives us the energy to kick ass!  I need to remember this - the "not optional" part!  I've got to get it together, but I have just been running around so much that I just don't feel like doing anything by the time I get home.  I have another busy day today, but I am determined to get a workout in!  I have to go to Atlanta to pay/pick up our IRP tags for our trucks.  I also have to swing by my brother's so he can sign a form I filled out for him to get a copy of his GED transcripts/diploma, then I'm mailing that for him.  How crazy is it that you can't request your transcripts online?  All you can do is print out the request form, then you can either mail it or take it to them in person.  But regardless of which method you use, it still takes up to 3 weeks to process?  You'd think in this modern age of technology that they would have it together!  Oh well, one day...  After going to Atlanta, I'm coming back home to pick up my daughter and then take her to her doctor in Athens.  They're going to check her blood pressure again, then do some blood work to determine if she has pre-eclampsia.  I'm hoping she doesn't - SHE'S hoping she doesn't!  Regardless, we're not letting her do anything while she's here, except going to the bathroom by herself.  I think her blood pressure might have been up because she had her baby shower on Sunday and she was out and about for so long.  Her doctor told her it shouldn't be going up with her just moving/walking around and apparently that's what it's doing.  So....taking care of both my babies!!  I'm going to do my best to workout today - even if I have to force myself to do it!!

Just a refresher of what I'm doing:

   CD1 - Condition Drill #1
      5 reps each
         Bend & reach
         Rear lunge
         High jumper
         Squat bender
         Forward lunge
         Prone row
         Bent leg & body twist
   MMD - Military Movement Drill
      25 yards, each
         Laterals - 25 yards each left & right
         Shuttle sprint

   Walk 4 minutes, run 2 minutes - 5x

Cool Down
   SD - Stretch Drill
      Overhead arm pull - hold 20 seconds, each arm
      Rear lunge - hold 20 seconds, each leg
      Extend & Flex - hold 20 seconds, each movement
      Thigh stretch - hold 20 seconds, each leg
      Single leg over - hold 20 seconds, each leg


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