Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Being challenged in life is inevitable.

Being challenged in life is inevitable.  Being defeated is optional.  Well, today I am opting to be undefeated!  I did not get back in time to work out yesterday - all right...let's call it for what it is - I "chose" not to work out yesterday, I was just too tired when I got home.  I also had a headache from all of the running around, but I sure did enjoy spending the day with my daughter!  We went shopping for my husband's cousins baby gift.  His son is due two weeks earlier than Katy's daughter.  They had mentioned they didn't have an UGA outfit for little Henry and they really wanted to bring him home from the hospital in one, so I found the cutest pair of overalls, booties, and newborn hat!  Well, of course I had to buy our little Addy a GA dress and bloomers, then there was the cutest pair of shoes (not UGA, but precious regardless), and she was just kicking her mama letting us know she really wanted them.  What's a Grammie to do?  We met up with my son-in-law for lunch, then went to get our nails, eyebrows, and hair done.  An afternoon of pampering, who could ask for anything more?  Since I was so late in Athens, I went ahead and picked up supper from our favorite Chinese restaurant and brought that home.  Super yummy!

Well, today is a rest day for Brand X and White Head is doing the "Faith" workout that I did on Monday, so I'm going to do the running workout that White Head posted yesterday.  Just a refresher:

4 Rounds for Time
   Run 400 meters
   50 Squats

The CaliFit Mamas workout for today looked really fun, so I might be doing that one tomorrow.  If not tomorrow, then definitely one day this week.  I'm not going to post it since I'll be doing it tomorrow and I don't want to repeat myself too bad!

Y'all wish me luck for my run!
26:38 - VERY proud to say I was NOT defeated today!!!  Yipppeeeeee!!!!  :)  I decided to all of the running at once, then all of the squats.  Two things - the running without breaks was a good idea...I was able to do the 5k training of running 2 minutes, walking 1 minute.  After my 3rd running segment, I stopped completely for a 2 minute break, which is included in my time.  I was just a tad over 1/2 mile -  I believe it was 4 blocks over at that point.  I should have started at a walk, but decided since I took a 2 minute break, I'd go ahead and start with a run segment.  I then continued to do the 2 minutes running, 1 minute walking until I reached 1 mile.  It's confusing to me trying to figure out how many minutes I ran/walked without writing it down, so here goes:
2 run
1 walk
2 run
1 walk
2 run
*2 minute break*
2 run
1 walk
2 run
1 walk
1:32 run
Total treadmill time:  15:32
Total running time:  11:32
Total walking time:  4:00
Total time at end of running segment:  17:32

I then did all 200 squats.  I set a personal goal time of 25 minutes, so I went over that by 1:38 - not too bad.  I was really wanting to stop squatting when I was around 90, but then a great song came on that was perfect to squat to, so I kept going!  I was really trying to push through and be done by the end of the song, but sadly my thighs decided to be all wobbly and shit and I just couldn't do it.  I finished them out anyway, stopped the timer and played that song again to cool down to, while sitting in front of the fan!  It's pretty ironic that a great song to exercise/squat to is called "Wasting Time", isn't it?  lol

Enjoy the song - I did!  :)
Wasting Time by Kid Rock

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