Friday, July 5, 2013

It's supposed to be hard.

It's supposed to be hard.  If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it.  The "hard" is what makes it great! - This is true, but sometimes (for me, anyway) you don't realize how "great" it is until the next day when you're reflecting on it!  I really don't appreciate some of my workouts until the next day or even further out.  Don't get me wrong, there are some that I get so excited over right away and start smiling before I'm even finished - but there are some that I do and I think "meh", then a few days later I thing "wow!  I can't believe I did that in that amount of time!"  I need to appreciate all of my workouts and be proud of each and every one because I DID THEM!  It is super easy to come up with a reason NOT to work out, but I always know in the back of my mind, that I will feel better if I just go ahead and do them.  I'm not very good at pushing myself (especially with running workouts) and I'm trying to improve on that.  Take yesterday for instance, even though I did not run like I had planned on (2 minute on/1minute off), and even though I could have just cut out the running altogether, I DID continue to run some!  I keep forgetting that I also wore the weighted vest while on the treadmill yesterday, and it was at a 2 incline, so I really should be more proud of that than I am.  See...I just proved my point from above!  I think before, I would have just said "fuck it" and walk the remainder, but I was determined to improve my time and knew the only way to do that was to run more.  So...even though I mostly walked, I still threw in some running.  I'm not where I want to be, but I am getting closer!

I will say, my abs are extremely sore today - even more so than yesterday!  GHD sit-ups are killer!!  My thighs are okay, they were very sore last night but not so much this morning - yay!

CaliFit Mamas:
   Run 6k
   60 burpees
   *Yeah, been there - done that - NOPE, not again today!  :)

Brand X:
   Test day
      L-sit (or tuck sit) for time
      Handstand walk for distance (or handstand for time)
      Chest to bar weighted pull-up for load
      Snatch rep for load

White Head:
   Run 400 meters
   21 Push-ups
   21 Squats
   5 Burpees
   Run 400 meters
   15 Push-ups
   15 Squats
   5 Burpees
   Run 400 meters
   9 Push-ups
   9 Squats
   5 Burpees

9/25/13 Workout - the second CrossFit workout I did
      Deadlifts 30-40 lbs
      Front squats 30 lbs
      *time 5:38
   *I added a 1/2 mile walk on the treadmill, no incline - time 10:38

You can probably guess that I am NOT doing CaliFit Mamas today!  lol - I also am not doing Brand X. I can't do chest to bar pull-ups, much less weighted ones and I cannot do handstand walks, but I could attempt to do a handstand (using the wall, of course!), as well as attempt to tuck sit or L-sit, but my times would be so sucky.  I should at least try to do those things today, so we'll see.  I'd love to do White Head's workout, but not sure how I will react to my treadmill today.  I'm trying to stay positive in my head.  I noticed that if I go up there and just do it, it's easier than if I think about it or dread it.  So...positive thoughts because I know the only way to improve my running is to do it!  I wouldn't mind doing the workout from September 25th, my second one ever!  Do you see that treadmill time?  And that was starting on 2.5 speed and increasing the speed every minute until I reached 3.0 speed.  Then, I only did that for 3 minutes before declining it back down!  Half a mile took me 10:38 - wow, I was so out of shape!  I really would like to do White Head's workout, so we'll see once I get upstairs.  Keep your fingers crossed!
22:05 -   I did the White Head workout today and all I have to say is'd think after running yesterday with a weighted vest on that today would be a breeze without a weighted vest, but nope...not at all!  I ran the entire 400 meters of the first round (3:30, exactly) on my treadmill (yes, I used the safety clip today!) I had to use my mat for push-ups because I did "girl" push-ups and guess what was touching?   Yep, my boo-booed knee!  I did not count backwards on this round with the "other" exercises and could tell a difference - I did 9 push-ups, then made it to 17, then to 21.  I did all 21 squats without stopping, as well as all 5 burpees - progress!  On round 2, I ran and walked - bringing my treadmill time to 7:49 (4:19 on this round).  No problem/stopping with push-ups, squats or burpees!  I did the same thing on the third round - running and walking, bringing my treadmill time to 11:35 (3:46).  I assumed the CrossFit recovery position because I couldn't BREATHE!!  By the time I sat back up, my arms were covered in sweat!!  What a great, hard workout!  :)

I tried to do the tests for Brand X - pretty funny.  I cannot do chest-to-bar pull-ups, but I did attempt to do a pull-up and can only bend my arm, so maybe getting off of the floor an inch or two.  I attempted to L-sit, that didn't work so I tried to tuck-sit...nope, nothing there either.  I also attempted to wall walk - and guess what?  Improvement!  This was in a workout a month or so ago (maybe longer) - anyway, I attempted to do this and could not even get my feet up on the wall, much less walk anywhere!  Well, today I not only got my feet on the wall but I was able to move 1 arm back, I tried and tried to force the other arm to go back as well, but it was not happening.  This was very hard on my wrists, so I got down and moved my mat so my hands were on the mat and that made it better.  I still could only do one arm, but hey - that's more than I could do before!  :)  Snatches are 25 lbs - I only have dumbbells and that's the highest for one dumbbell.  I need to get something heavier, maybe invest in a bar and some light weights - nothing big, I don't want to be bulky - just toned.

Great workout, Jen and Gina!  :)

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