Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'll make  you bear crawl til you bleed!  :)  I chose today's picture for two reasons - one, it's Jason Statham!  C'mon!!  He's not only cute and hot as hell, but he has that wonderful British accent that just makes you want to drop your panties!!  And two, I thought it was appropriate since it looks like I'm doing bear crawls today!!  Yep...bear crawls.  Let's just hope I don't suffer from the pain afterwards like I did last time.  Maybe (just maybe) those muscles will be like "Hey!  You used us before!  We're good!"  Wishful thinking.

I'm still excited from my workout yesterday.  Of course, that was only day 2 of my commitment to improving my running, but it's good for now!  Not sore or anything right now and that's always a good thing.  My right shoulder/neck area has had a catch in it for the past week, but it seems better today.  Not sure what's been going on with it.  I took two aspirin last night and the pain seems completely gone now, so I hope it stays that way.  I'm super excited about today - I'm going to my daughter's first birthing class!!  Her husband isn't able to go today - he took off on Monday morning to go to her doctor's appointment and he's super busy at work (that's a good thing, right?) so I get to go instead.  Bummer for him...YAY for me!  Then, she wants to go to Hobby Lobby (my little Martha Stewart) and get some stuff for Addy's room, then we're doing lunch.  Happy, happy, happy!  :)

CaliFit Mamas:
   3 Rounds for time
      Run 300 meters
      20 Wall-ball shots
      10 Push-ups

Brand X:
   Rest day

White Head:
   4 Rounds for time
      15 weighted front squats
      100 foot bear crawl
      100 foot broad jump
      15 push-ups

I'm doing White Head's workout today.  Call me crazy, but right now I do not want to do any running workouts since I'm already committed to run three days out of the week.  Maybe one day I'll be there, but right now?  Nope...not yet.  I have to admit, those bear crawls intimidate me, but at least I know what to expect with them, right?  Can't stay in my comfort zone though - I have to push myself through that mental wall I keep throwing up and "just do it!"  I can't really remember (I'll look it up), but I think the last time I did bear crawls I also had to do burpees - I know I did burpees with broad jumps but can't remember if that was the day I did bear crawls or not.  So, that's a positive - no burpees!  :)
LATE!!  I'm saving this for tomorrow!

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