Thursday, January 10, 2013

I went for a this!  This is just SO me and my humor, yet it's SO true!!  lol  I'm posting this today mostly because my workout includes a run today, just like Monday only it's for 5 rounds instead of 6.  As you know, I stopped after 4 rounds on Monday so I am determined to complete today's workout.  I still plan on doing Monday's missed rounds on Saturday, so I'm doing a shit-pot full of running this week!  Oh well, I wanted to be a runner, right?  Right.

Today's workout is for time, 5 rounds of:
   Run 400 meters (.248/mile)
   10 Burpee box jumps, 18" box
   10 Sumo deadlift high pull, 15-30 lbs
   10 thrusters, 20 lbs
   Rest 1 minute

I was just wondering when we would have box jumps again.  I actually like doing those, sounds weird, but I can see such an improvement on box jumps from when I first started CrossFit.  I started on just a 6" aerobic step and would always have to grab hold of the wall to keep from falling off.  Now, I'm up to 11" aerobic step and can do it without grabbing on to anything.  I'm going to have to purchase a taller box soon, though.  I think my step is maxed out - I'll check on that today.  I'm hoping to be able to complete the weight training exercises.  I'm going to start with the recommended weights, but if my elbow hurts, I'll just reduce the weight as needed so I'm not in pain.  My elbow does not hurt as much as it did yesterday, so hopefully it's getting better and better!

I really need a hard workout today.  Yesterday was my daughter's birthday and we all went out to eat at a Japanese restaurant.  I did not overeat, but I did drink and those are just liquid calories so I really need to work those off!
47:16 - I did NOT quit today!!  YAY!!   I was shooting for 45 minutes, but those burpee/box jumps slowed me down!  You'd think it would have been the running, but nope!  It was those damn burpee/box jumps!!  lol

I did run half (200 meters) then walked half (200 meters) every round, and on every walk I bumped it up an incline every 2 blocks on my treadmill, working my way all the way up to a 4 incline for 1 block, then back down to 0 incline for the last block.  My treadmill time was 18:41 - I'm proud of that!  Running at 4.8 mph and walking at 3.5 mph.  :)

Okay...I have to say this.  Burpees by themselves are a bitch.  Box jumps by themselves are a bitch.  Burpees and box jumps together?  Double bitch!  lmao - those were harder than the run!!!

High pulls were with 25 lbs and thrusters with 24 lbs.  I watched a video of sumo deadlift high pulls with a kettlebell, so I used only 1 dumbbell set at 25 lbs and it worked really well.  Seemed much easier than the way I did them before - using 2 dumbbells.  I did use 2 dumbbells on the thrusters.

Great workout!  But, whatever muscle is on the lower inside of my calf area is killing me on BOTH legs!  Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.  Think it'll be an easy workout?  I can only hope....

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