Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever.  I'm using this quote today just to remind myself that even though I wanted to get off of the treadmill yesterday and considered jumping on my bike, I chose not to. I wasn't in pain yesterday while working out - other than my lungs burning, and even then it wasn't too bad.  I was very sore last night in my lower legs, on the inside.  I've said before I needed to see what muscle that is - apparently I use it while running!  My thighs are a little sore this morning, but I know that will work itself out once I get to moving around.  I have to admit, I did not have that great feeling of accomplishment yesterday - it was more like "Thank God that is OVER!"  Don't get me wrong, I am very proud of myself for completing that workout - it was a tough one for me.  I added up the number of  blocks that I did run and guess what?  I ran a total of 64 blocks - there are 16 blocks in a quarter mile, so that means I ran a mile out of the 2.5 miles...I'll take that!  :)

I am VERY pleased to announce today's workout has NO running!!!  
   For time:
      70 Burpees
      60 CrossFit situps
      50 Kettlebell swings, 15 lbs
      40 Pushups
      30 Squats
I will run 9 blocks before starting today's workout.  I'm curious to see how easy/hard that will be today.  I do admit, I did notice a change yesterday when I ran - my heavy breathing did not start as early as it usually does, so adding these little runs every day are really helping out.

I do hope this isn't an hour workout like yesterday - I listened to a whole album yesterday and it was one of the longest ones I own!  I stopped the treadmill and switched to "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC - I thought it was appropriate because it felt like I was on a highway to hell.  I think that's what I'll start calling my treadmill!  lol
22:49 - Have I mentioned that I hate burpees?  No?  Well, pardon me....I HATE BURPEES!!!  There.  I feel much better.  :)

I split this into 2 rounds - doing 1/2 of each exercise each round.  I did this because burpees were killing not only me, but my time as well.  Put it this way - I was halfway through my burpees (35) at 9 minutes and some change.  I did 30 CF situps, 25 kettlebell swings, 20 pushups, and 15 squats and brought my time to 11 minutes and some change.  Burpees are horrible!  SO proud of my CrossFit situps - I couldn't even do one when I started.  I used to stick my feet under the treadmill - now, my feet stay on the ground like they're supposed to and I did 30 situps without having to stop!!  Kettlebell swings are like that as well - I again used a 15.5 lb dumbbell.  I can only get to 15 pushups before I'm squiggly shouldered and have to stop and rest them, but it wasn't a long rest 'cause I knew I only had 5 more to spit out each round.  After doing the squat-a-thon in December - 15 at a time are super easy as well.

I will admit - I have to use my aerobic step when doing burpees.  My tummy doesn't let me bend over and put my hands on the floor unless I spread out my legs - then I stretch my hamstrings and they're usually super sore the next day.  Anyway, I bend over, put my hands on the step, kick out my feet and normally I have been just kicking in my feet, stand up and add a jump on the end.  Well, today I tried to do a burpee without my step - NOT a good idea.  So, I brought my step back out and used it, but instead of just kicking my feet out and back in, I went all the way down to the ground (my chest would rest on the step), then I'd bring my feet in (I couldn't kick them in this way), stand up and jump.  MUCH harder this way, but I'm proud that I'm getting closer to doing them the correct way.  All you people without tummies should really enjoy not having one in the way!  I can't wait to enjoy life without mine!!  :)

I did run my 9 blocks on the treadmill before working out today and let me say...I thought I'd quit when I started.  My legs didn't want to work, but I made them.  Not sure why, buy my butt muscles really come into play when I run - they ended up hurting more than anything.  It was kinda nice to do squats and feel the stretch!  lol

OH!  I've been meaning to ask - does anyone else sweat on top of their hands?  My kids think I'm a freak because that is a major sweat zone for me.  Just curious.

Glad today's workout is over.  Now, off to the grocery store and PetSmart!

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