Saturday, January 5, 2013

I don't normally work out on the weekends, unless I need to make up a missed CrossFit exercise - which is why I WILL be working out today.  I missed Monday's workout because I was not at home until around 5:00 p.m., then I had to cook supper, eat supper, put Hayley to bed - and we all know that I don't like to work out at night. I will be doing the following workout, for time:

3 rounds of:
   50 squats
   7 reverse pull ups
   10 hang power snatch, w/20 lbs

I just watched a video (again) on how to do the hang power snatches with dumbbells and they all show one arm at a time, so I will do 10 for each arm.  This will make my time a little longer than everyone else, but hey!  When is my time NOT longer than everyone else?  lol

I'm also going to run on my treadmill.  I will run at least an 1/8 mile since that is the distance I have been able to go without slowing to a walk.  I have also decided to do a run every day - how else am I going to build up my stamina if I don't do it?  So, every day I will run.  I will start at the 1/8 mile mark and would love to increase at least one block segment (those of you who run on treadmills know what I'm talking about) every day, but I think every other day is more realistic.  At least, I hope it is.  I'll keep you updated on how that goes.  I would love to be able to hop on my treadmill and run a mile without stopping.  I know, I know - a mile doesn't sound like a lot to someone who is able to run, but to me it is.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll hit a 5 mile mark one day!  Ahhhh....wishes and dreams.    ;)

I'll post my workout time as soon as I finish it.  Don't know about you guys, but it is FINALLY a sunny day here in Georgia!  Enjoy your Saturday!!
11:45 for CrossFit!  Pleased with that.  The last round of squats was brutal - probably because I ran 1/8 mile on the treadmill before I started.  I ran first because I knew I had squats to do and figured it would be best to run BEFORE my legs got tired.   I ran at 4.8/mph and it took me 1:34 to run 8 blocks, which is exactly 1/8 mile.  Tomorrow, I will run the same again, then add a block on Monday.  I am re-determined to be a runner!

I also did the January challenge workout for today - 12 pushups.  THOSE were easy!!  What was hard was the 30 second plank - my shoulders quivered the whole time, probably because I did the pushups first.  Who knew 30 seconds lasted so long?  The plank was yesterday's challenge that I forgot to do.  I also had to make up Thursday's challenge, which was 45 seconds of mountain climbers.  I did 20 mountain climbers - not great, but I'll take it since these were my first ever mountain climbers.  Not sure if you're supposed to go fast, like running in place, or slow - like walking in place.  I started off fast, but ended up slow!  I need to find a video to watch!  :)


  1. That is a great way to start running!! I was 280 at my biggest, and when I had lost enough and felt like walking wasnt hard enough I did small distances, I can run far now, but the first time I ran 2 km's straight, I wa so crazy happy that I had done it! Its an awesome feeling! Best of luck and I will be cheering you on from Canada!!

  2. Thanks, Jen! It's nice to hear I'm not alone and that it CAN be done!!!