Thursday, January 24, 2013

Don't think of the reps you have left, just get the one in front of you...then another, another, and another.  I think I'll need to repeat this to myself today - not hard exercises (NO running!!), just lots of reps AND five rounds!  I have to say, it's only taken almost four months (can't believe that!), but I am finally not very sore in the mornings!  Nothing like I was when I started.  I'm still loving these workouts - they're fun, easy, and yet at the same time hard!  I love seeing what everyone's times are and setting a goal for myself and meeting that goal - I really love when I beat that goal!  It doesn't even bother me to have the worst times anymore because I know I accomplished something, and THAT makes me a happy girl!  Plus, I can see a difference in my butt - all of those squats are paying off!  Speaking of squats, who knew they were part of SO many exercises!  No wonder my butt has always been sore!!  lol

Today's workout is for time, 5 rounds of:
   15 Pushups
   40 CrossFit situps
   50 Squats

I was very proud of my situps yesterday.  Normally I could do 20 without needing a "breather", but yesterday I did like 25-27 per round without any problems.  Let's hope I can get 40 in like that today.  I still can't believe how far I've come on the situps.  I still remember the day I tried to show Honey-Buns the proper way to do a CrossFit situp and couldn't even get my back off of the floor without picking up my feet!  Ahh....progress.

Still planning on doing my "run".  I'm going to do it before I do today's workout because I had such a hard time doing it after yesterday's workout.  I'm going to run 1/4 mile one day.  One day.'s gonna happen!  :)
No time today - saving for Saturday!!

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