Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We don't do it 'cause it's easy, we do it 'cause we're worth it.  SO true!  This has been a tough week of workouts so far, and I haven't even discussed today's workout!  lol  - It still feels good to know I completed Monday's 10k and did not die!!!  Yesterday's burpees were killer, and I wonder what's going to be the tough thing today?  Hmmm....we shall see.

Today's workout is 3 rounds of 5 different exercises - do each exercise for exactly 1 minute, taking a 1 minute "rest" at the end of each round.  Write down your number of reps of each exercise, add them together and post the total for you "score".  Got it?  Whew, good!

   Wall ball shots - 10 lb ball
   Sumo Deadlift High Pull - 15-30 lbs
   Box Jumps - 18" box
   Push Press - 20 lbs
   CrossFit situps

I have to say, all of these CrossFit situps are catching up with me.  My abs are a little sore today, but that's okay - I know I'm doing these correctly and they are obviously working if I'm sore!  SO proud of how far I've come with those!!

I forgot to mention yesterday, I watched some videos of burpees and came across some for "beginner" burpees and guess what?  They use a step/box for those - I've been using my aerobic step because my tummy gets in the way of me putting my hands on the floor - so I didn't feel so bad doing my burpees that way.  They also just put one leg back at a time into the "plank" position, then bring each leg back in and stand up.  I actually "kick" my legs back into the "plank" position, and "pop" them back before standing up, which is harder to do than just one leg at a time - so, all in all - I'm happy with the way I do them.  They still get my heart rate going like crazy and I start out doing anywhere from 10-15 before having to stop, but then it gets to 10, then 7, then worse - depending how many burpees we have to do.  I was feeling bad because I couldn't go all the way down to the floor - well, I could but couldn't snap my legs back in once I was down there!  Now I don't feel so bad - I'm better than I was.
390!!  I'll definitely take THAT!  Thank goodness for wall ball shots and push presses!  Those kept my score up.  Box jumps were the suckiest!  I didn't keep individual count per exercise per round because that would have wasted my time to write it down every time.  I do know my situps were around 25-30 each round, so I am definitely happy with that!  The soreness in my abs went away pretty quickly this morning, so pleased with that.  I also ran 9 blocks at 4.8 (the fastest speed for me so far) - and it seemed WAY hard today.  It's either because I ran AFTER today's workout or because I ran a little bit faster (I've been running at 4.7).  I also finished out to 1/4 mile with inclines, walking at 3.5.

Individual round scores:
   round 1 - 134
   round 2 - 130
   round 3 - 126


  1. I very seldom kick ANYONE's butt except my own, that I do believe I'll take it!! lol

    The push presses helped me get my numbers up! :)