Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Should I workout today?  YES!!  I love this chart, it makes me smile every time I look at it!  This is very appropriate today - it will be a busy day for me.  It's my oldest's 26th birthday, so I have lots of running around to do and then we are going out to eat at her favorite Japanese restaurant tonight.  No matter what, I am working out today - so don't think I'm making excuses, I'm not.  It will get done!

So, I mentioned the pain in my inner elbow and researched online (don't you just love the internet?) and think I have "Climber's Elbow".  Who knew?  Anyway, it's from straining the muscle and not letting it recover/rest enough.  I'm taking an anti-inflammatory and icing it throughout the day today.  It felt a lot better after being iced down last night.  I also found out that the reason my fingers/hands go to sleep while I sleep is because I have a nerve in my elbow that apparently gets pinched when I sleep with my arms bent.  I know it's what I read because the nerve is the one that goes to your pinkie and ring fingers.  Well, that's where my hands always go to sleep!  Apparently, my nerve moves around in my elbow allowing it to be pinched.  Hmm...the things you find out!  I suffered from "Tennis Elbow" earlier this year in my right arm as well, but did not get it from playing tennis - it was from using my computer.  I also took anti-inflammatory medicine then and iced it down as well, plus did several exercises to rehab it.  It used to give me some trouble, but ever since I started the CrossFit workouts and using weights, the pain from that has gone away.  That's a good thing, and I know this will get better as well.  As I mentioned yesterday, it only hurt doing the reverse pullups - and we did those a couple of times this week, so I think it's just strained.  Hopefully, I won't have any more pullups to do this week!  If so, I'll have to substitute something else.

All of that being said, today's workout is a tabata workout - 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.  For a total of 32 rounds - 
   Do 8 rounds each of:
      back extensions
Write down your total number of reps for each exercise - that's your score.  So glad to see it's not the lowest number of reps as your score - I hate those because I always do good until the last round!  Not looking forward to the back extensions - I always get a cramp in the middle of my back from those (not to mention I feel like a beached whale!).  I read that someone did them over the arm of their couch, so I think I'll look up some videos and see what they are talking about.  

Also, today's challenge exercise is 15 pushups (I'm going to do extra after my CF workout) and I'll be doing an 1/8 mile run before my CF workout as well.
Wow!  Those squats were hard and yes!  My legs are jello right now!  :)  I was unable to do the pushups - my elbow was killing me!  I did manage to do 11 and wasn't even up to my 20 seconds yet, but the pain was beyond ridiculous.  So, I'm letting my elbow get better but will attempt them every day that we have them.  Hopefully, it won't take long to get back to normal.  I've iced it a few times today and I've taken aspirin around the clock, so it is better, just not usable right now.

I did run 1/8 mile before starting today's workout, but was not able to do January's challenge exercise of 15 pushups.

My tabata scores are as follows:
   Back Extensions - 123 total
   Pushups - 11 total
      11-stopped due to elbow pain
   Situps - 72 total
   Squats - 130 total

Great, quick workout!

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