Monday, January 7, 2013

I don't stop when I'm tired, I stop when I'm done.  I posted this because after looking at today's workout, I will probably have the suckiest time, BUT I will complete today's workout when it is DONE and record my time accordingly.  I told Honey-Buns last night that I had a crazy feeling today would be a  run day, and guess what?  I was right!  Don't get me wrong, I love to say "I was right", but in this instance I was really hoping I'd be wrong!  lol  - Notice the saying in the bottom right corner of this pic...I love to run...hopefully I will, one day.

I will say, my upper body is TREMENDOUSLY sore today.  After all of the thrusters and pushups we did at the end of last week, plus the planking/pushups/mountain climbers I did with for the January challenge...OMG I am so sore!  Looks like I'll be pushing through the pain because we have pushups again today.  Starting this week off with a bang!

Today's workout is for time, 6 rounds of:
   24 squats
   24 pushups
   24 walking lunge steps
   Run 400 meters (.248/mile)

No matter what, I WILL run 200 meters (1/8 mile) EACH run segment.  That has been the distance I can run, so I will do no less than that.  Let's just hope I can make it down the stairs to type my results this afternoon.  No, I take that back.  I know I can at least "slide" down the stairs, it's the getting up at the bottom and walking to the couch that will be the hard part!  lol

Okay...some irony here.  My picture I posted today?  I lied!  My legs are MUSH right now - I only did 4 rounds, but man-oh-man, what a workout!!  I need to go to the grocery store and pick up something to cook for supper, but I'm not sure I can walk anymore!

I did stick to my plan to run 1/8 mile every round (ran @ 4.7/mph), and when I slowed to a walk (3.5/mph), I inclined every 30 seconds working my way up to a 3 incline, then back down to 0 - but ended up on a 2 incline every time.  So, I ran 1/2 mile today and walked 1/2 mile!  Proud of that!!

The only thing I did different was I ran first every round, other than that everything else was good.  I made it to 17 pushups on round 1 before my arms gave out, finished them after a quick conference with my carpet and towel.  Made it to 15 on rounds 2 & 3, but only 14 on round 4. 

Between the squats (which I did without stopping each round!) and walking lunges (also, no stops!) and  running, I am exhausted!  I drank all of my water (32 oz.) and had to have Honey-Buns bring up more because I was completely out!

I'm happy with my workout today, especially since Mother Nature decided to make a call - I did not let THAT stop me!  But, I do believe I will be a couch potato the rest of the night.  :)


  1. I read a crossfit poster yesterday that said, the soreness you feel today is strength you'll feel tomorrow! that's good incentive to work til your sore! and I have a feeling today's wod is going to do just that!

  2. Can I find the challenge that you are doing online?

  3. Gina - so true! I'm ALWAYS sore! I told Honey-Buns you'd think the soreness would be gone by now, but every day it's something new.

    Jen - it's on Facebook - Ripped Goddess is the name of the page. I'll also do a post and include it in there for you. It's not hard (not like the squat-a-thon in December), but for someone who has never done planks or mountain climbers it is killing me!