Thursday, February 21, 2013

You've only got three choices in life:  give up, give in, or give it all you've got.  I choose to give it all I've got!  :)

Well, I told you guys my shoulders would probably be sore and I did not lie about that!  They were ridiculously sore last night around 8:00-ish!  That just proves I have muscles that I'm still not using.  So...from now on when pullups are dictated, I will do reverse pullups until I'm strong enough to do them on the bar.  The crazy thing is they seemed SO easy yesterday while I was doing them.  I kept thinking, "Maybe I'm doing them wrong.  Should I watch the video again?", but decided to keep going so I wouldn't ruin my time.  Man, oh man!  The pain last night.  I do believe I slept spread-eagled on the bed all night long - it was the most comfortable position to be in what with my shoulders achy and my thighs!  They are still achy this morning.  I'm saving yesterday's workout for Saturday - I don't think my thighs would let me do a squat today AT ALL!!!  lol

Today's workout is to do as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes of:
   18 box jumps
   15 knees to elbows
   12 pushups

Sounds do-able and I can't wait to see how many rounds I can do!  I really need to make a trip (or shop online) for a higher box.  My aerobic step only goes up to 11".  I also need to get a heavier ball for wall ball shots.  

Today's Fab Ab Workout:
   70 situps
   20 pushups
   55-second plank

I will probably count my CrossFit pushups against my Fab Ab pushups again today.  It's going to be interesting to see how my shoulders feel doing pushups today.  Hopefully it won't be too bad!  :)
6 full rounds!!  I was very happy with my number until I saw the majority of the Mamas were doing 8-10 rounds.  WOW!!  I'm VERY impressed with that!  I really pushed myself hard today - I'll take it anyway - that was hard workout!!

I can tell SUCH a difference in my box jumps...I can do a lot more without having to stop and catch my breath now!  I made it to 10 on the first round, then 12, then 14, then 11, then 10 and 10 - AND when I did stop, I only stopped for a few deep breaths then I got right back to work and didn't stop until I reached 18.  Still on a 11" box - I've got to get a bigger one!

My knees to elbows have also improved.  I brought my knees up to just below my boobs EVERY time and I did 5 at a time before I had to let go and rest my arms.  Those were REALLY hard after my reverse pullups yesterday.

Pushups did not give my any trouble today - I really thought they would, but right now I'm good.  I did not have to stop at all doing them, and that's a really good thing!!

I did my Fab Ab workout (without extra pushups) and let me just say - doing 70 situps were not as bad as I thought they'd be.  I did 25 and had to take a potty break.  A lot of Mamas have been saying that jump rope (or jumping, period) makes them tinkle...well, for me it's situps.  I don't know why, they just do.  After my little "break", I did 35 more, then  the final 15.  I hope that this little workout for March has situps in it.  I can finally tell a difference in my stomach and I think it's from all of the situps I've done this month.  I've decided that if March's workout does not include them everyday, then I might just re-do February's - or just add situps by themselves.  My plank was SO wobbly again today and I had to stretch it out for a few seconds, so I don't think I got in 55 total.  I tried to hold it for little longer after my timer went off to try to make it up, but I didn't count it out or anything.  I could actually see my arms quivering today - usually I just kind of feel it on the inside, but not today!

Another great workout in the books!!  :)

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