Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Good things come to those who work.  Truth!!  :)  I am so glad I am not sore this morning - my lower, inside leg muscles (on BOTH legs) were killing me after I ran yesterday!  It was a two aspirin kind of night...but they got rid of the pain, so that's all that counts.    I'm really surprised/impressed with my running from yesterday.  YES, I was tired, but I was not sucking wind like I've done in the past.  The hardest part of running for me now is my sinuses.  They just drain, drain, drain...which isn't so bad in itself, but they drain down my throat and I can't stand that!  Hopefully, I'll either get used to it, or it will go away.  I'd be happy with either outcome!

Today's workout does include running, but not a lot...YAY! 
   As many rounds as possible in 7 minutes:
      7 Deadlifts w/40 lbs
      20 meter sprint (0.124/mile)
      14 one-legged squats
      21 jump rope
      20 meter sprint (0.124/mile)

I put the mileage equivalent on there because I will be doing the sprints on my treadmill.  Everything looks pretty simple except for the one-legged squats.  We've had those before (it's been awhile) and I remember them being super hard!  Hopefully I won't fall down - I'm not worried about falling and getting hurt, I'm worried about falling and screwing up my time getting back up!  lol

Since today's workout is only 7 minutes, I think I'll make up last Friday's afterwards.  Today's Fab Ab workout is:  40 situps - 10 pushups - 35 second plank.  :)
3 1/2 rounds in the allotted 7 minutes.  I went ahead and finished up after the timer went off, so 4 rounds total.

4 rounds - deadlifts w/44#
4 rounds - 20 meter sprint
4 rounds - 7 one-legged squats - left leg
3 rounds - 7 one-legged squats - right leg
3 rounds - 21 jump rope
3 rounds - 20 meter sprint

I turned my treadmill on to see how many "blocks" .012/mile was...it was 2 blocks.  So, for every run segment I ran 3 blocks - I added a block because most of the first block was the treadmill getting up to speed, then I'd stop the treadmill and jump onto the sides to keep from wasting time for it to stop.  I had to hold on to the wall doing the one-legged squats and there was NO way in hell I could do a pistol-squat position!  I just picked up one leg and squatted down as far as I could, which didn't seem like very far, but OMG!!  The burn in my thighs!!!  I tried to actually jump rope the first round, but wasted so much time tripping, that I just went through the motions for the remaining rounds.  You'd think my jump rope skills would improve, but NOPE...not really!  :)

I did my Fab Ab workout and am VERY proud to say I did ALL 40 situps WITHOUT stopping!  But boy, did I feel it!  My planking was not as wobbly today, so I do believe I'm getting stronger!

I did not make up Friday's workout, however, I did get back on the treadmill and ran 8/walked 8.  Hey! That beats nothing!  I can't believe how much I'm sweating from today's short workout!!

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