Monday, February 4, 2013

Of course it burns, but complaining won't make you look good naked!  A little inspiration to kick off the week!  lol  Oh my goodness - my calves were ridiculous this weekend!  They hurt EVERY time I moved my legs!  What is it about jumping jacks that does that?  Well...other than the fact that I did 500 jumping jacks on Friday?  ha!  THAT was insane!!

I did not work out over the weekend.  Saturday was a busy, running errands, enjoying the sunshine kinda day and yesterday?  Well...I was just a lazy bum yesterday.  I didn't even get out of my pj's except to dress and go to the store for milk!  No excuses...just lazy.  Although, I guess that IS an excuse, but it's the truth.  :)

I picked the Ravens to win yesterday for two reasons - they were the underdog and I ALWAYS pull for the underdog; and they had a player that went to UGA!  OH, and they have Michael Oher who is the dude the movie "Blind Side" is about, so I was okay with picking them.  It was a tough choice to pick because I don't really care for either team.  It killed me to pick the Ravens because I really dislike Ray Lewis, but I dislike San Francisco's coach more (he just seems like such a smart ass!) and I don't know what it is about their quarterback, but I really don't like him either.  Hopefully, my Patriots and Falcons will be there next year!  

Today's workout is for time, 3 rounds of:

   15 pushups
   15 pullups (jump up/slow down)
   30 deadlifts w/40 lbs
   30 box jumps, 18"

Not too shabby!  I'm going to add 7 pushups  and 21 thrusters w/10 lbs to each round, so I'm making up for last Wednesday's workout that I missed.  I'll also do Saturday's and today's Fab Ab workouts as well. 
   Saturday - 15 situps - 5 pushups - 15 second plank
   Today - 20 situps - 6 pushups - 20 second plank

WOW!  A lot of making up to do today.  Oh well, that's what I get for being a lazy bum, huh?  :)
27:12 - Not bad...not my goal time, but I'll take it!  I did my run/walk thing before today's workout and guess what?  ALL of my runs were at 5.0 speed!  Can I get a holla up in heah?  Hellzzz yeah!!!  All works were at 3.5 - I'm doing good to keep that pace after running!  lol  I went a distance of .626/miles in 9:09, so I knocked 6 seconds off of my time from last week!  YUP!!!

Apparently I have been working out long enough to feel guilty whenever I don't do the workout, so I made sure I made up Wednesday's workout with today's workout.  :)

Combining last Wednesday's workout with today's:
   22 pushups
   15 pullups
   30 deadlifts w/44 lbs
   30 box jumps w/11" box
   21 thrusters w/24 lbs

I also did my Fab Ab Feb workout from Saturday and today's:
   35 situps (15/Saturday, 20/today)
   11 pushups (5/Saturday, 6/today)
   15 second plank
   20 second plank

My shins/calves are still not recovered from Friday's jumping jacks!  They are THROBBING right now!  

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