Thursday, February 14, 2013

If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.  I know for a FACT how true this is!  lol  - Every day is a challenge for me....okay, not every day - it just seems like it sometimes.  I have to admit when I glanced at today's workout and saw "5 rounds" then I saw "run" I literally groaned.  Really!  I did.  But then I looked up the distance (because my mind is wonky and I can NEVER remember meter conversions!) and grinned because I KNOW I can do this!  What a great feeling - to see a run included in a 5 round workout and not dread it!  Even though I was already convincing myself this morning that I did not need to do my run/combo thing later today, I think Jenni must have had a sneaky suspicion that I would try to EXCUSE myself from doing a run and included it just for me!  Don't you like how I made that all about me?   Talk about narcissism!!  Regardless, I'm glad to see I will have to run today - even though I would have probably changed my mind by the time I got upstairs to workout this afternoon.

Today's workout is 5 rounds of:
   Run 400 meters (.249/mile)
   21 Deadlifts w/40 lbs

My goal time will be 20 minutes.  I normally finish 1/4 mile in just a tad over 3 minutes when I run 8, walk 8 - so 5 times that is 15.  I'm estimating 1 minute each round for the deadlifts, although I'm pretty positive it won't take that long since it's only 21 each round.  I'll use that extra time to blow my nose - it  ALWAYS runs when I do! - and drinking water.  Wish me luck with that!

Today's Fab Ab is 45 situps, 11 pushups, and a 40-second plank.  I get to see how sore my abs are from yesterday.  My back/shoulders are the sore spot for today, but it's not too bad.  I did not take any aspirin last night until right before I went to bed and then I only took one.  My throbbing leg pain went away pretty quickly yesterday (I was impressed!), but was a little achy right before bed so I took an aspirin so I'd be able to go to sleep without pain.

OH!  Happy Valentine's Day!  Any special plans?  Honey Buns and  I are going to breakfast together to avoid the crowds and to be alone.  This is our 31st Valentine's Day together!  Sounds crazy to me - since I'm SO young and all!  :)
15:39, but did NOT finish!  My left knee is wonky.  I completed 3 complete rounds of the running and 2 rounds plus 12 on the 3rd of the deadlifts.   My knee started feeling funny during my 2nd round of running, but I thought I could push through the wonkiness, but when doing the deadlifts it almost completely gave out.  So, I'm taking it easy on that leg for now.  Then, when I was coming downstairs my right calf muscle cramped up BIG TIME!  Wow...I need to be nice to my legs, huh?

I was able to complete the Fab Ab workout, but did not do a 40-second plank, I only did a 29-second plank.  And, left knee felt weird while doing pushups as well.  I'll look online and see what's up.  Oh well...hopefully it will be better tomorrow!

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