Friday, February 8, 2013

I wish menus would list burpee equivalents rather than calories.  Like "If you have that pumpkin spiced latte, you might as well get down and do 367 burpees."  THAT would probably cure our obesity problems!  I don't know anyone who "loves" burpees...especially chunky people!  They are SUPER hard.  I take that back.  I don't think they are hard, but if you have a stomach that gets in the way (like I do) it's hard for you to bend over and put your hands on the floor.  You might even face plant - I know I have.  That's why I use my aerobic step on the lowest setting or the side of my treadmill.  The only thing about using the step is I can't "lay" on the floor because it's an awkward/uncomfortable position with your hands on the step.  So, I just kick my legs back, bring them in, and jump up.  Trust gets your heart going and the sweat pouring!

Today's workout looks like it includes everything but the kitchen sink!  For time:
   20 Superman's 
   30 Wall ball shots w/10 lbs ball
   20 Knees to elbows
   30 box jumps, 18" box
   20 Sumo deadlift high pulls w/20 lbs
   30 Burpees
   20 Push press
   30 Walking lunges

Today's Fab Ab:
   30 Situps
   8 Pushups
   25 second plank

I am also planning on doing my run/walk combo before working out.  Y'all wish me luck!!  :)
Will do this one day over the weekend - MAJOR sinus headache going on!  :/

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