Friday, February 22, 2013

My cat gets exhausted from watching me do CrossFit!  lol  This is usually the position my cat stays in while I'm working out.  She gets "pissy" when I need to use my weight bench and she has to move.  I just thought this was cute because she's straddling the bench and really looks worn out while laying there!  She swaps out the weight bench for the stationary bike seat, but most of the time she's laying in her pillow bed in the corner right by the treadmill.  How she can sleep through me running on the treadmill with Rob Zombie blasting in the room, I'll never know!!

I forgot to mention this yesterday, but after doing my workout I just laid in the floor and it made me think of the picture Jenni posted "If I pass out, please make sure someone posts my time!"  I felt just like that and started laughing out loud.  My cat woke up and looked at me like I had lost my mind, then decided rubbing on my sweaty head would make me feel did not!  Cat hair and sweat just don't go together!  lol

My pecs/shoulders are the only thing that's kind of sore today, and they are not even that bad.  :)  Last night it was my legs, so I'm glad to see it's not too bad today.  :)

Today's workout is for time, 6 rounds of:
   Run 400 meters (.249/mile)
   10 Burpees

I can do this!  I'm going to try to run 10 blocks every run segment...y'all wish me luck!  I'm hoping that's not just wishful thinking!!  ;)

Fab Ab Workout:
   80 Situps
   20 Pushups
   1 minute plank

Yikes!  I will try to plank for 1 minute - fingers crossed!!
MAJOR headache this afternoon.  Will make this up over the weekend.     :/

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