Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I may not be the strongest.  I may not be the fastest.  But I'll be damned if I'm not trying my hardest.  This is VERY true and SO me!  I'm not the strongest (although I have difficulty admitting that!) and we know I'm not the fastest (I'm usually the slowest Mama), but damned if I'm not trying my hardest!!!  I think that's why I love CrossFit so much.  It's not really me against other Mamas (even though I try to compare all the time!!), but more me against myself.  Even when I have the WORST workout time of the day, if I see an improvement in ANY part of that workout, I am the happiest girl in the world!  Whenever I come back downstairs after workout, huffing and puffing and sucking wind, I have such a feeling of accomplishment that it makes me forget how hard the workout actually was!  It's almost how you feel after giving birth (I know, hang in there with me for a minute okay?).  No matter the pains and the tiredness you go through in labor - even that one point where you feel like you just want to stop and go home - the minute they put your baby in your arms, you've forgotten all of that and feeling of euphoria and pride come over you.  It's pretty intense.  And so many of us (even the ones who had a difficult labor before), actually go and do it again.  THAT'S how I feel sometimes with CrossFit.  It's that euphoric feeling you are trying to capture and as long as I have that more often than not, I'll keep doing it.  It makes me feel good.  It makes me proud when I sit and think, "Hey!  I did that!"

Today's workout is 7 rounds of:
   7 Push-press w/20 lbs
   7 CrossFit situps
   7 Burpees

Today's Ab Fab workout:
   60 Situps
   18 Pushups
   50-second plank
7:47!!!!!!  WOW!  I am EXTREMELY happy with my time today!  My goal was no longer than 10 minutes, but I really wanted to be between 8 and 9 minutes since that was what the majority of the Mamas were doing, so I'm very happy with my time!!

Push-presses were done with 24 lbs.  CrossFit situps are SO much easier and I did them without having to stop.  I figured the burpees would kill me, but knew from past workouts that I could make it to 7 without having to stop (for a couple of rounds anyway).  I am still doing "beginner" burpees because I cannot get my hands on the floor without falling over just yet, but I do kick my legs out and then back in - a lot of the videos I've seen of "beginner" burpees have you just moving one leg back at a time, then bringing them in one at a time - so some progress there!

I was doing each round in 1 minute, 3 or 4 seconds up until the 5th round - then I slowed down on my situps, as well as the burpees and I was worried I wouldn't make it in the 8 minute time frame - so you can imagine how excited I was when I finished that last burpee and saw my time was under 8 minutes!!!  WOOT-WOOT!!  :)

I counted my CrossFit situps in my Fab Ab workout, adding an additional 11 to bring it to 60 for the day.  I did 18 pushups - made it to 15 before having to "stretch" it out AND I did a 50-second plank!  I try not to stare at the timer because I swear it slows down when I do, and I was about to give up and stop but when I looked at the timer, I only had 9 seconds left and made myself hold out until I was finished!  VERY proud of that since I couldn't even do 40-second planks last week!

I agree with the other Mamas - this was a really fun workout today!  :)

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