Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Run happy.  Run grumpy.  Run speedy.  Run slow.  Run a little.  Run a lot.  Just run...and run...and run...and run...  Just kidding!  I added all those extra "runs" because I'm sure you can all guess what we're doing to day in CrossFit!  Yup, yup!  RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I had a feeling we would run today and that it would be pretty bad (if - like me - you are not a runner) or pretty good (if - unlike me - you are a runner)!  This week's exercises have been short and lots of fun, so I knew we were going to have a "moan and groan, grumble about it" kind of day soon.  If I had to choose from the above choices right now, I would be running grumpy - hey!  I'm not a morning person, either!!  lol  Hopefully I will be running happy this afternoon.  Fingers crossed!

I haven't done this much lately, but let me just say how sore my arms are today!  Specifically my tricep and upper back/shoulder area.  I'm blaming it on the plank from yesterday, although I'm sure the pushups had something to do with it, too - as well as the push presses.  I love push-presses, but  can really tell I did something the next day - even though I'm only using 24 lbs.   It is nice to feel the muscles in my arms, instead of just flab with a little muscle.  I love progress!

Today's workout is a KILLER, but Jenni calls it the "Hero Workout" in honor of all of our fallen heroes who died while serving our country.  So, I will try not to complain and quit.  You have to think of what they go through fighting for us and our country - some of things they get in to, and they can't quit.  EVER!  How crazy is that?  Actually, it's pretty freaking brave!  So, I'll suck it up and push through, and run...and run...and run.

Do as many rounds as you can in 45 minutes of:
   Run 800 meters (.497/mile)
   80 squats
   8 pullups (jump out/slow down or reverse pullups)

Again - I plan to do reverse pullups today.  Maybe that will help strengthen my upper body.  I don't like doing assisted pullups, because I'm not sure if I'm doing it right nor am I sure I'm using my upper body enough.  It always feels like my legs are the ones getting sore and I don't know if it's the position I'm in or what.  And, whenever I do jump up/slow down - it's more like jump up and try to slow it down, but it's really not that slow and I feel like my elbow hurts more that way.  So!  I'm going to try the reverse.  

I will at least run half and walk half of each 800 meters - I might try to run farther on the first couple of rounds, but again - that's a wait and see when I get upstairs in my exercise room.  I really need to come of with a name for my room, don't I?  Any suggestions?  I would call it "Hell", but it's not always a run day and wouldn't feel like hell every day.  Hmmm..."Boot Camp" is such a cliche.  I could call it "Bootie Camp" - that sounds a little more girlie and a lot more fun!  I'll have to give it some more thought.  :)

Today's Fab Ab workout:
   70 situps
   18 pushups
   55-second plank

Looks like I have a lot to do today!
Unfortunately, I did not have 45 minutes to do today's workout.  :/  So, instead of completely skipping today, I did the workout I missed on Monday.  Something is better than nothing and this keeps me from having two missed days this week.  I spent entirely too long helping my son sign up for benefits at work and my shopping took longer than I thought.  Who knew it would take so long to pick out a new litter box?  :)

Just a refresher - Monday's workout was as many rounds as you can in 12 minutes of:
   50 squats
   30 pushups
   15 pullups

I did reverse pullups on my treadmill - hard, but easier than using the bar and I feel like I actually used muscles I was supposed to.  Pushups gave me a hard time today, though.  That being said, I completely 2 complete rounds plus 50 squats and 18 pushups on my 3rd round.  I went ahead and finished the 3rd round and went over 1:28 on the time - so...not TOO bad!

I also did my Fab Ab workout for Monday - 60 situps, 15 pushups, 50-second plank.  I counted my CrossFit pushups for the Fab Ab pushups today and did 60 situps.  I did not even attempt the plank, my arms are still shaking - more accurately, my shoulders are quivering!  Can't wait to see how sore I am in the morning!  NOT!!  :)

I haven't decided if I want to do today's workout tomorrow and just push Thursday and Friday to Friday and Saturday, or if I want to just save it for Saturday.  I'll decide tomorrow!

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