Thursday, May 30, 2013

See if you can find the Crossfit bird.  I found it!!  lol - I thought this was cute because the birds are crows, and my last name is Crowe!  I need to put this one up in my exercise room!!

Well, let's hope I actually get in my exercise room today!  With school being out, I tend to just go and do things, not paying attention to time since I don't have to be back by a certain time to pick up Hayley and before I know it, it's late and I have to rush home to start supper!  I really couldn't believe I was gone for so long yesterday.  I went to the bank, two stores (one of which was a pharmacy) AND I left 2:45, thinking I'd be back with plenty of time to work out.  Well, it was 4:30 before I got back home.  It really shocked me that it was that late.  I had originally planned to cut grass today, but my son needs to borrow my lawn mower, so...yay, Kirk!  ;)  Although, it's kinda cloudy right now, so it might have been a great day to cut grass - it still is, just not for me!  

CaliFit Mamas:
   5 rounds for time
      20 butterfly sit-ups
      20 sumo dead-lift high pulls w/20 lbs

Brand X:
   Run 400 meters
   Right arm hang, 10 seconds
   Left arm Turkish get up w/0-10 lbs
   Left arm hang, 10 seconds
   Right arm Turkish get ups w/0-10 lbs
   L-sit hold, 15 seconds

I'm sure you noticed the term "butterfly sit-ups" with the CaliFit workout, well...they are the same as CrossFit sit-ups.  I'm pretty sure Jenni is just getting away from using the name CrossFit any where on her blog, and who could blame her?  Did I tell you I email CrossFit regarding Jenni's blog?  Well, I did and the response I received basically stated it was okay to share the CrossFit workouts - they really didn't have a problem with that.  However, they did have a problem with someone making money off of it, which they considered Jenni was doing by selling/promoting the tank tops and Vi-Shakes on her blog.  So, hopefully she gets all of that worked out. 

I know I said I would do last Monday's workout today, but I have to admit that today's Brand X workout looks like fun, so I'm really leaning towards doing that.  I know what left- and right-arm hangs are, but I had to look up what Turkish getups and L-sit holds were.  They, too, look like fun!

Turkish get-ups:  You start laying on your back on the floor, holding the weight with one hand, arm straight up to the ceiling.  Then, you work your body up into a standing position - all the while holding that arm straight up to the ceiling.  Then, you work you body back down into the starting position - all the while holding that arm straight up to the ceiling.  You can use you other arm for balance, but I think the goal is to try not to.  The video I watched also said it was okay to try out different moves each time.  Here's a link to the video I watched:

L-sit holds are pretty much how they sound.  You sit with your legs straight out in front of you, place both hands on the floor and lift up your body.  The video that I watched showed the guy using some type of pole things to lift himself up, but I don't have those.  I did a search for "beginner" L-sit holds, and came across an explanation on the Brand X's site, which sounded easy to do as well -

Like I said earlier, I'm really leaning towards doing this today.  Looks like fun!
7:32 - but man!  What a sweaty, seven and a half minutes!!!  WOW!  I ran the entire 400 meters (yay, me!) with a treadmill time of 3:31, which leaves 4:01 for the hangs and Turkish get-ups.  Not sure if I've mentioned it or not, but I've been using a 2 incline on my treadmill whenever I run.  This girl I know was running on a treadmill, then she started running down her street and she said it just seemed so much harder to run outside than on the treadmill.  I read somewhere that someone always put their treadmill at an incline to try to compensate for the difference, so that's what I've been doing since my goal is to eventually be an outside runner - really, it is!  It IS!!  :)

I forgot to put the number of reps down for the Turkish get-ups - it was 5 for each hand.  And I must say, those are WAY harder than they looked or sounded!  I had the weights in my left hand first, and they didn't seem too bad (I'm right handed, by the way).  But when I switched hands - wow, I am very weak when it comes to depending on my left side for anything!  Right-handed get-ups were way harder than the left!  I could not believe how this kept my heart rate up.  What a great, quick, hard workout!

Overall, I really liked that workout!  Now, I'm off to go pick up a baby bed for my Addy's room!  :)

NOTE:  I just realized I completely read my workout wrong - I only did one round...I was supposed to do three!  Oh well, it's better than nothing!  :)

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