Thursday, May 16, 2013

My exercise routine consists of doing diddly squats.  Ha!  That's what it seems like this week, anyway! lol  

I WILL exercise today.  I WILL work out today.  Nothing will get in my way today!  Repeat, repeat, repeat!  I swear, this has been the craziest week for me.  Did I mention that school is out for Hayley?  Yeah...Monday was her last day, but it was supposed to have been yesterday.  Our high school do things strangely here - Tuesday would have been her last "normal" school day.  They reserved yesterday and today for finals, with students only attending for half a day both days.  Well, she was only having to take a final in one class (she exempted the others), and apparently her teacher in that class went ahead and gave her the final test on Monday.  They said Tuesday was a weird schedule, so she didn't have to attend - so Monday ended up being her last day.  That's why I've been a little later posting my blog - I hit my snooze an extra time!  :)  I don't know about you, but I am NOT a morning person.  In my perfect world, school/work would be from like 12:00-6:00.  That's actually when I'm the most productive!  :)  That's why I don't work out in the mornings - I'm just not awake enough or "with it" enough to function at my best.  I've tried to exercise in the mornings, I just can't - not motivated - it's too early!!  

CrossFit Mamas is having to change their name due to legal reasons - which I understand, but come on...were they really hurting anyone?  Jeez!  Anyway, their new name (as of midnight tonight) will be CaliFit Mamas - so I'm going to try to start using that.  Just to let you know, I'll probably slip up every now and then and use the other name.'ll happen!  I know me!!  :)

CaliFit Mamas:
   3 Rounds for time
      15 Thrusters w/20 lbs
      30 CrossFit sit-ups

Brand X:
   Weighted dips

I am doing CaliFit today, plus running.  I feel really bad that I didn't do anything yesterday...or Tuesday...and even though I cut grass and did yard work on Monday, I feel like I didn't work out then either.  How crazy is that?  I will work out today.  I WILL!!
I did, I did...I did saw the exercise room today!!  :)

6:25 was my time for CaliFit - not bad, not great - I set a personal time of 6 minutes, thinking 2 minutes per round should be sufficient and was under 2 minutes my first round - 2 minutes 5 seconds for my second round - but I struggled that last round of sit-ups once I hit #20.  I pushed through, but man - it was slow going!

I did jump on the treadmill and had run for 300 meters when Honey-Buns interrupted - one of our employees hit his head and I had to deal with the insurance aspect for a bit.  I'm not going back on the treadmill today - still dealing with the insurance peeps.

Good to be back at it!!  :)

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