Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fit is not a destination...it is a way of life.  Indeed it is!  :)  I'm still on a high from seeing my progress yesterday!  I thought my time would be about the same since I wasn't modifying as much as I did before, but was pleasantly surprised to see I knocked off over seven minutes of my time.  I was really, really shocked to see that.  I mean, I did knees-to-elbows standing, step-ups instead of box jumps, no weights on squats - it was crazy to see what I can do.  Now I feel like nothing can stop me!  :)

CrossFit Mamas
      21-15-9 reps of:
         Clean w/20-30 lbs
         Bench Dips

Brand X
   Rest Day

Since today's workout looks like a short one, I think I may also do yesterday's Brand X workout, which was titled "Nancy":
   3 rounds of -
      400 meter run
      15 overhead squats w/PVC pipe up to 35 lbs

I need to get started on my cardio for the week!  Although - yesterday got my heart going pretty good.  I don't think it's a good idea to do leg lifts last during a workout.  I mean, c'mon!  You have me laying on the floor, which really feels good after you've worked your butt off and you expect me to do more?  lol I did them, but boy - they definitely got my heart rate going.  It was just during my "rest" periods, that I did not want to do anything else but lay there!  Regardless - I'm very happy with my workouts and very proud of my progress!  :)
4:44 - SO proud of my time!  I set a goal of 5 minutes, and I kicked it in the ASS!  lol  Ahhh...it's the little things, isn't it?

I used 38 lbs with the cleans.  I had considered doing 50, but am so glad I changed my mind on that!  Those were hard with 38 lbs!!!  My bench dips are WAY better than they used to be!  I actually made it to 13 on the first round without having to stop and shake it out!  I made it all the way through on rounds 2 and 3 without stopping, but I WAS quivering!!  :)

Okay - so...that was the good news.  I followed the CrossFit Mamas workout with yesterday's Brand X workout, which was titled Nancy.  The Puppy Dawg version was 3 rounds for time of running 400 meters, and 15 overhead squats with a PVC or up to 35 lbs.  Well, my running was a HUGE disappointment today.  I'm hoping it's because I am fighting off a chest cold from being out in the chilly rain last Friday, but I kinda think it's because I haven't done much running lately.  I missed a couple of workouts last week, one of which was a running workout, and it really showed today.  I could not complete 400 meters running without having to walk some.  I made it the first round running 10 blocks, then walked 2, then ran the rest of the way.  The second and third rounds were horrible - I ran 4 to 5 blocks at a time, then walked 2 or 3, then ran some, then walked.  It was very depressing, but I did it.  It took forever it seemed, but I did it.  I just was not feeling the running today and I was actually looking forward to it.  Maybe I should reverse-psychology on myself and dread it, then everything I do will be good!  lol  Oh well...it is what it is.  I used a broom handle (no PVC pipe or bar) for the overhead squats, so no weight was added at all.  I did this because I tried to do overhead squats with dumbbells the other day and that was just super hard to do.  I figured the broom handle would be better for form, and it was.  Just very hard.  My Brand X workout time was 16:07, of which 11:33 was on the treadmill.  It did not take me that long to do the overhead squats, I was catching my breath and drinking water some of that extra time in there.

I will definitely start running again.  I NEED the practice, and I WANT to be better!  :)  There's always tomorrow....

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