Thursday, May 9, 2013

Running slowly isn't a character flaw.  Quitting is.  I will repeat this to myself today's a run day!  I know - I was planning on running NO MATTER WHAT, but apparently both CrossFit Mamas and Brand X are making sure I don't change my mind because they are running today as well!  It's definitely a sign that I need to run.  So....I'm a-running!!  :)

CrossFit Mamas:
   3 rounds for time 
      Run 500 meters
      30 Thrusters w/20 lbs
      15 Push-ups

Brand X:
   3 rounds for time
      Run 400 meters
      10 Back extensions
      20 Sit-ups

I'm leaning towards doing the Brand X workout, but I hate back extensions!  The down side with doing Mamas are the thrusters - I really don't like doing ANY type of leg exercise when I have to do a run.  I have an adjustable weight bench and I've seen some videos where you can do back extensions on the bench, so I'm going to pull out my owner's manual and look through it to see how they say to do extensions using my bench and try that.  Anything has to be better than doing them on the floor.  I really do feel like a beached whale!  I think I might add a 300 meter run at the end of Brand X (without adding it to my time), so I get the full prescribed running in from Mamas - I need to run!!  You know me...I'll figure it out when I get up there.
I am extremely happy to say I DIDN'T QUIT!!!  :)

19:16 - Brand X workout time - Not bad...not great, but not bad.  I thought I could do back extensions on my weight bench, but it was highly uncomfortable - even more so than being a beached whale!  lol  So, I just did them on the floor.  I didn't seem to mind them as much today.  Of course, it could be because I just finished running 400 meters and it actually felt nice to lay in the floor face down and chill!  Ha!  No problems with sit-ups today - YAY!  I ran the entire 400 meters EVERY round - SO, SO happy with that!  I didn't want to, but would not stop.  I refused to give in  and start walking just because I didn't want to run.  I will admit, it was nowhere as bad running today like it was on Monday. I mentioned earlier that I might add a 300 meter run after working out, so I would be doing the prescribed run from Mamas...well, I not only ran 300 more meters, but 400 meters!  I was going to stop after 300, but thought "it's just 4 more blocks, just do it!" so I did!  A full mile today!  :)

My treadmill time for the 3 rounds was 10:28.  I did the entire mile in 13:57, which is okay for me.  I'm still running at 4.3 speed - not quite ready to bump it up yet, but soon.

Great workout!

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