Monday, May 13, 2013

Exercising is so difficult when you "have to" and so easy when you "want to".  This is SO true!  But regardless, I ALWAYS feel better after I work out.  Sweating, huffing, and puffing....but I feel good!  :)

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day weekend - I know I did.  We attempted to race on Saturday night, and actually made it out to the track, but thunderstorms came and rained us out before any cars got onto the track.  That makes two weekends in a row of not racing, so I'm definitely ready for some!  lol  All of my babies were here yesterday, and as always that was super nice.  My pregnant daughter who normally tries to get me cards that make me cry, totally forgot to buy a card, however, my son who normally tries to get me cards that make me laugh, actually got me a card that made me cry!  Of course, everyone thought that was hilarious, not me - I was too busy crying!  lol -  It was a great day.  Honey-Buns picked up BBQ (my fave) and coordinated with everyone on the gifts - I got my favorite perfume (which I had recently ran out of) and a nice lounge chair for my deck, so I can start working on my tan!  AND, Survivor finale was on last night and Cochran won - YAY!!  Perfect ending to a perfect day!  :)

Starting off the week with a bang today - all workouts have running in them, so it looks like I'm running! 

CrossFit Mamas:
      3 Rounds for time
         - Run 800 meters
         - 50 Back extensions
         - 50 CrossFit sit-ups

Brand X:
      3 Rounds for time (puppies)
         -Run 400 meters
         -15 Box jumps
         -15 Wall ball shots
      3 Rounds for time (pack)
         -Run 400 meters
         -30 Box jumps
         -30 Wall ball shots

Since I just did the Brand X "puppy" version of "Michael" last Thursday, I will do Brand X's "Kelly" today.  I haven't decided if I want to do "pack" or "puppies".  I may just split it and be "packish", and do 20 box jumps and wall ball shots.  As usual, I'll decide once I get upstairs and start working out!
Yard work today from 12:00-3:15 - cut grass w/pushmower - edged along driveway and sidewalk - weed-eater used around flower beds/shrubs - trimmed shrubs - used blower on driveway and sidewalk.  I thought about doing the clean & jerk from Brand X that they had up for yesterday, but my back is killing me right now, so I think I'll pass on that as well.  Beautiful day in Georgia - so glad I got out and enjoyed it, even though I was sweating the entire time!  lol

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