Friday, March 29, 2013

You don't squat or deadlift?  Tell us again how you "go hard" at the gym.  LOVE this!  Yesterday's workout looked easy, but boy was it hard!!!  I ended up taking an aspirin every 4 hours last night because my thighs were SO achy!  I slept like a baby last night - even going to bed just a little after 10:00, but my thighs are still achy this morning, so I'll take one more aspirin and everything should be good to go!

I have to say, I really thought Jenni was going to throw a run in to end the week, but am happy to see it's not here!  However, more squats!!  She's killing me!!!  But in a good way.  :)

Today's CrossFit is for time, 3 rounds of:
   50 Squats
   50 Sit-ups
   10 Hang Power Cleans w/20-30 lbs

March Madness:
   55 Squats
   30 Burpees

Needless to say, I will not be doing the squats in today's Madness workout (I think 150 is plenty for one day, don't you?)  I also will not need to add sit-ups since they are included in today's workout as well.  Looks like a toughie, but goodie!  :)
Thank...huff, puff...God...huff,'s...huff, puff...Friday!!!!  huff, huff, puff, puff - WHAT a workout! I'm not sure if this was a tough one or if my legs are still jello from yesterday, and Wednesday, and Tuesday, and Monday.  I think it's a combo of all!!  :)

18:47 was my total time.  When I started with the squats and made it to 25, I thought - no way in HELL will I be able to do these!  My legs were SO sore and SO stiff whenever I squatted, but they finally loosened up and believe or not, the last round of squats went by WAY quicker than the first two rounds!  Sit-ups were another story.  I looked at the timer when I started and ended each set of 50 sit-ups, just to get an idea of how I was doing compared to my sit-up times from earlier this week.  Well:
     Round 1 - started at 1:59, ended at 3:30 - 2 minutes, 31 seconds :)
     Round 2 - started at 8:24, ended at 11:44 - 3 minutes, 20 seconds :/
     Round 3 - started at 15:24, ended at 18:16 - 2 minutes, 52 seconds :) I pushed hard to finish!

I didn't have any problems with the hang power cleans, except the last round.  I think my thighs were just exhausted by then.  ALL power cleans were with 31 lbs.

I will admit, I did not want to do burpees after today's workout, but decided - what the hell?  Let's see how many I can do?  Well, I am VERY proud to say I not only completed 30 burpess, but I TOTALLY beat my time from Wednesday's burpees!!  WOOO-HOOO!!  On Wednesday, it took me 6:33 to complete 30 burpees, but today it only took me 5:21!!  I took over a minute off of my time!  Paarrrrrttttaaaayyyyy!!!!  :)

We're going dirt-track racing this weekend - y'all wish Honey-Buns luck!  I hope you all have a great weekend!!!  :)

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